Japan to play Sweden for place in World Cup final


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Go Japan! I want to see you in the next World Cup. Gambare!

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Lionel Messi --- arguably the world's greatest player at the moment --- is only 169cm tall, quite short for the men's game (compare with Peter Crouch at 201cm). Sawa Homare is 164cm tall. So, indeed, height will not be the deciding factor tonight.

Actually, the German game plan backfired to some extent because they focused on the aerial game --- firing crosses into the box where they assumed their superior height would mean they would get the free headers into the net... it didn't happen.

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Congrats on the women for beating Germany, and hopefully they have little or no problem against Sweden. I don't know if I would have shown them such pictures before a match -- it could just have easily backfired -- but it worked, I guess.

Good luck against Sweden. Oh, and I agree with takobeya -- height isn't everything in this sport.

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Their success on the global stage has turned into a bigger hit than baseball or sumo wrestling, and the media dominance of a woman’s sport is a huge surprise in itself.

Good luck to Japan. Let's hope this up-lifting story continues for a while longer. As regards it being "a bigger hit than baseball or sumo wrestling", I can only say; "thank God". Japanese baseball is stuck in a rut -- mediocre players playing against the same teams all the time -- and sumo is in the midst of a crisis. Without the Japanese women, this summer would be even longer.

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I think they will easily account for Sweden - and possibly win the whole shebang. It begs the question: Japanese girls and women seem to be naturals at soccer, and can boss most world teams around - why are the men only so-so? Perhaps a lot of talent gets stolen at a young level by baseball?

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BurakuminDes; The men don't do as well because they spend too much time in front of the mirror mucking about with their poncey hairstyles intead of training.

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Ha ha ! Good point Steve! Just watched some of these girls on TV - they look tough enough to bully a few of the preening guys on the men's team...

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They are certainly down-to-earth girls. I don't think it worries them too much that they will not win any beauty contests.

I expect the game against Sweden won't be easy. The Swedes are a good side, disciplined and organised. This one will really be up to the 'god of football' as coach Sasaki said.

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Japan winning 3-1 after 76 mins. They are playing superbly! Ganbare Nippon!

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United States vs Japan

Get ready for a great match-up!

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Yabadabadoo!! Hope they play like that on sunday! :D

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