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Japan trounces Spain 4-0 to top Group C at Women's World Cup


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Absolute domination from Nadeshiko Japan! Up against a higher-ranked Spain team, the Japanese ladies played total football. Hinata Miyazawa, the pocket rocket up front, was outstanding. Big chance for Golden Boot.

The Nadeshiko defense is utterly mean spirited - zero goals conceded in 3 group games. Astonishingly, they have netted 11 goals in the group stages - a fair indication of their razzle-dazzle style of play.

I'm pretty sure most will agree : this is shades of 2011. I'd hate to be in Norway's shoes for the last-16 showdown!

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The speed of the Japanese forwards says you can't play a defense far up and not able to match it. Spain made no adjustments to their game, and they were less skilled and quick in their play than they needed to be. The Spain forwards have some long run speed, but quickness in decision and play was lacking.l

Japan took advantage of Spain's aggressive, yet fruitless possession...77% of it. Quick counters which some great outlet passes, combined with Japanese speed/finish over Spain slow and out of position defenders made for an easy Japanese victory.

Spain's play was a bit of insanity. Japan did the same thing 3 times in the first half and Spain kept feeding into it. You cannot force the play agains the Japanese defense, you have to go wide and switch it up by bringing the ball back and not just going into the box trying to funnel a score. A major tactical and maybe skill error by Spain.

Japan was excellent, but remains to be seen if their 23% possession will work in the knockout rounds. Teams playing them have to be smarter. It's like Ali winning with the rope a dope....

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It was so weird to see all of the spectators in winter clothes, while it's so hot here and in the Northern hemisphere in general. I understand how the Earth's axis and orbit works. It's still a shock until the mind adjusts.

I wonder if any spectators travelling from Japan or other hot climates forgot that it's Winter in Australia and NZ, and didn't bring appropriate attire?

Oh, and congrats to the Japan team. Yay.

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The ladies are representing Japan proud, keep producing the goods.

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Well earned win.

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Nice win.

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Yes! Go Japan Women's Team!

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Is there any chance they can play against England if they progress to the later stages? I'd definitely watch that.

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A very impressive win. What stood out to me was Japan's adaptability. This team doesn't normally cede possession and play in a low block, waiting to hit on the counter. But they realized this would be a tactical plan well suited against Spain and executed it ruthlessly. They were well prepared and disciplined.

Norway will be a very different challenge: not as technical as Spain, but a much taller, stronger team than the Nadeshiko. Defense on set pieces will be critical. But Norway as been hot-and-cold in the tournament so far while Japan has been consistently at top form.

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Incredible win. Fans are happy. Superb show by Nadeshiko Japan. The good dream is on. All the best.

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The Samurai women are showing their stuff! No "flowers" among any of them!

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Great job ladies.

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This is a game where stats lie

If looking at the stats, you'd think Spain dominated the game - shots, corners, possession, etc.

All except in the only stat that matters - the score, where Japan dominated Spain

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