Japan, U.S. women draw 1-1 at Kirin Cup


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Yup, Nadeshiko Japan is clearly no fluke. 2 wins and a draw against a seriously good US team

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Now the US has only a couple of days to rest before facing Brazil, then Brazil only has a couple of days of rest before facing fully-rested Japan.

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Anyway is was a good game, a bit slow at the start but picked up, many scoring opportunities for Japan mostly by Kawasumi. Kinga's goal was great, An example of what reflexive defense can do and she almost got a second goal but it was off a little unfortunately. It was nice having an HD broadcast here state side of my girls, I had gotten entirely to used to so-so live streams on JustinTV. So seeing it on a nice big screen brought me back to WC last year. It was cool.

Let's cross our fingers and hope for a golden year for our Nadeshiko.

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They played very well. I was very impressed with the sportsmanship after the game between the two sides. I was glad to see the turn out for this as well. Come on ladies! Amazing role models for the young girls and women of this country.

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The ultimate Olympics Final would be Brazil X Japan...

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The article doesn't comment on which channel we can watch or, it was broadcasted. Does anybody know?

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I really like watching them play! A good, fair game with great!

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I would love to see Japan vs USA in the Olympics final game.

You may well get your wish...

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Great game, one of the best sports currently. I would love to see Japan vs USA in the Olympics final game.

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Good quality game..Japan showed that the WC was not a fluke as they were clearly the better side last night.

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