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Japan will be tough to beat at World Cup: Norway coach


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Hege Riise is not wrong!

Nadeshiko Japan has now jumped to favoritism to hoist the Cup, IMO. The depth in the squad is astonishing, the attack-minded "total football" levels above any other team seen thus far. Not to mention the stingy defense - just goal conceded in 4 games.

There is a positive feeling about this campaign just like 2011. And if they do make that final, many more Japanese eyes will be watching than back then!

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It’s already decided. England will win. Japan just needs to beat USA for second place. Japanese goalkeeper is my fantasy.

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Nadeshiko Japan has now jumped to favoritism to hoist the Cup, IMO

Get your money down, sport. 8/1 being offered.

Then again, the beautiful game is often a funny old game of two halves, but Cinderella stories are possible and the Nadeshiko engine starts purring once they step over the white line.

Or something like that.

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Hi Jimizo. Please further explain. Am curious

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I've asked about ten people (all Japanese) if they're watching these games and I haven't had one yes answer yet. Guess the bandwagon hasn't gotten started yet. I'm glad I have. They're playing well.

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Get your money down, sport. 8/1 being offered.

I'm an unlucky man at betting so never bother - but at the start of the tournament they were 29/1! That looked tasty. Even 8/1 looks too long. Someone will step up and fancy those odds.

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As a northern European I will support Norway.

Anyway in football the ball is round.

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A "nadeshiko" meaning "caressable child", but referring more to the nostalgia of a demur woman with idealized traits, perceived to be increasingly rare, like the "nadeshiko" who waited for their samurai masters to come home -- Samurai Japan, the men's team? The name should not be allowed, to be honest, as it is insulting.

But, they sure are playing well, as they have in the past. The one thing I love about the Women's World Cup more than the men's is how level the playing field is. Contrast that with the men's and you see what I mean... especially watching teams wait to see whom they are matched with in the first round and some screaming with joy while others cringe and curse. With the women... could be Japan wins again this year, could be someone else. It's almost never repeated.

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I have a 1000 yen on at 34/1 to win

3 games to go

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This is going to get very exciting..

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On their day Nadeshiko Japan look capable of taming the very best who would stand in their way.

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