Japanese baseball star Otani to be out 6 weeks with injury


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in most cases if a pitcher can bat .200 he is considered a "good hitting pitcher." But Ohtani is rare becasue he actually hits as well as he pitches, and he hits for power.

As good a pitcher and hitter that he is I think it would be a waste to make him stop one, despite the injury risk. The Japanese who go to MLB all get injured anyway (Dice-K, Darvish, Tanaka) with the exception of Kuroda, because he was not turned into a noodle arm by his Japanese teams before going to the US.

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Otani was playing with a damaged ankle, then tore an upper muscle in the other leg. That's what sometimes happens when a person plays with an injury ... that is, something else in the body goes haywire. The Fighters should have stuck with the original doctor's verdict that Otani should be out of action for a certain length of time until the injury heals. By having him play with the injury, he is now tending to another injury. They should be glad he didn't injure an arm, especially his pitching arm.

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Sorry to hear about Ohtani's injury. Tonight's 60 Minutes TV news show had a report about him. He seems to be a really nice person. The article and video are available online at

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aggravated while running the bases in the Premier12 tournament in November.

Now do you see why MLB teams don't always like their players playing in international games? A player is not just a player but also an investment. I hope Otani can fully recover and fulfill his dreams of being in the MLB.

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Would love to see an American League team pick him up. He can DH and pitch every 4th or 5th game. Would be fun to watch!

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Would love to see an American League team pick him up. He can DH and pitch every 4th or 5th game. Would be fun to watch!

DH, I don't think so, in the states he will just be an average hitter and not the power type Besides, apart from ichiro and to a certain extend Godzilla Matsui Japanese hitters have been total pants.

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