Japanese club plans crowdfunded Iniesta statue


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Crowd funding for this is more than a bit cheeky.

An owner and club as rich as Kobe should be paying for it should they want it.

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Iniesta is a great player and I love watching him play. He must also love Japan because 30 million year for a 37 year old player who hasn't won the J League is absurd.

Surely Vissel Kobe can find the 15 million yen to pay for the statute since they are paying Iniesta $80K per day.

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Why is Kobe so wealthy? I wouldn't have thought that they were the richest club in Japan.

30 million a season......good work if you can get it.....I suggest waiting till Iniesta retires and then a small fraction of the 30 million saving from not paying him could build the statue. Undoubtedly a fantastic player.....but why does he deserve a statue outside Kobe's stadium? Has he won them the league? How many cups have they won since he has been there? Asian Champions league titles?

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They can afford to pay millions to their players but need the crowdfunding for this…pathetic cheap bastards!

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Why is Kobe so wealthy?

they are owned by Rakuten

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Well a fool easily departs with his money.

When Tanaka resigned with Tohoku Rakuten Eagles baseball club after

his stint with the New York Yankees. The club cashed in with the euphoria

of Tanaka coming back home and created a Tanaka Ma kun VIP fan club and

the 1.8M yen yearly fee to join for the ten places put up was sold out in 14mins. The club made

a cool 18M in 14mins. I expect fans to pay for the Iniesta statue, Mikitani or even Iniesta

himself can pay for the statue but won't so far as there are fools waiting to part with their

hard earned cash.

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Mickey trying to hype up his club and players? all that money poured in and they've achieved very little and now they talking statues for Iniesta...

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