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Japanese figure skaters to compete in China despite tensions


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As a Shanghainese I warmly welcome the Japanese skaters to come to Shanghai and enjoy the competition.The islets disputs is the matter between the older generations of our two countries. They are too strong to let their youngers to have a say and more, tend to blame their failure on the youth.The real problem is they are all to selfish and try to hold what they has got to their destination-the tomb.

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Good. It would not be the same if the best from all countries did not attend, and given how high in the ranks Japanese skaters have become, it would truly be lacking without them. Politics should never trump cultural and sports exchanges, and it's always said when it does. Hopefully the Chinese government sees fit to STRONGLY demand no negative actions are directed towards skaters of ANY nationality, no harm comes to anyone, and all enjoy.

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Love how I got a thumbs down for praising Japan and its skaters! hahaha. Classic.

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@tangula51 one thumbs up for you.

@smithinjapan and another for you

Sports should never be used for political gains.

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This is a dumb decision. Sending the skaters is giving the communists what they want - the prestige of having the best in the world attend their event. Ideally nobody would show up and the chinese could award themselves gold, silver and bronze in front of rapturous crowds while the rest of the world totally ignored them.

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