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Japanese gymnast suffers serious spinal injury in training


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So tragic. “Best Wishes” to her and her family that will help her struggle through her rehabilitation. Hoping she can recover and, at least, lead a normal life again.

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Awful news. Wishing her a full recovery.

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They make it look so easy... But the danger is always there.

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They make it look so easy... But the danger is always there.

So true, the gymnasts are doing amazing things in the search for greater and greater difficulty and at the same time there is more risk of serious injury

Wishing her speedy recovery so that she can continue to pursue her dream

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reinforces the American woman's decision to pull out of most of her events in the Olympics after she got into her own head........one little hesitation, mistake or over commitment and these people face serious injury

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I was doing gymnastics when I was young and this kind of injury is terrifying. I hope she can recover!!!

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I remember a few years back a Chinese female gymnast was left completely paralyzed after a fall. It's a wonder gymnasts manage to walk away from their careers with their bodies intact. Just watching the women's beam is nerve-wracking.

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For all its beauty, this is indeed a tough and dangerous sport. These gymnasts are real warriors.

I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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Shes going to be in a lot of pain for the next few weeks, then she will have to beleave in her self to over come the psychological trauma of falling. get well soon Hitomi.

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