Japanese language to determine order of Olympic parade of athletes


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Ha not going to happen

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Always remember when Korea was entertaining changing its name to Corea so they could march in front of and not directly behind Japan at one Olympics,look.

Same as Cricky said.....they are not going to happen.

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I guess the only reason that they still pretend the Olympics will happen as scheduled is that many well-paid jobs in Japan and in the Olympic comity are on stage.

Unless an unexpected miracle happens of course!

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There is another strong reason for IOC and LOC not to announce cancellation yet and that is annulation insurance and possible lawsuits from sponsors and tv stations and suppliers. The rightsholder and LOC must show “ due diligence” before cancellation or risk non payment by insurers.

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What's the difference?

There's only going to be one nation marching anyway.

Unless you line up random ALT teachers in the parade.

Then they can line up by height.

That's because, you know, all foreigners come from the same country. NOT Japan.

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"It has also been decided that Japanese athletes names' written in the Roman alphabet will appear in Olympic television broadcasts with their surname first, followed by their given name -- the same order used when names are written in Japanese."

This will be fun. Hope they don't mind or think it's rude when foreign athletes, commentators, and perhaps people in general are like, "There goes Tanaka!" or "Hey, Sato, come here!". And I will laugh very hard if they use Nippon-shiki for the writing, then get angry no one can pronounce "Tutida" as "Tsuchida".

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Don't they get it yet? THERE WILL NOT BE ANY OLYMPICS!!

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They have such big ‘problems’ everyone of us would be happy if having. A parade, athletes and in new alphabetical order? Not even in your wildest

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I guess Uruguay and Uzbekistan will make the biggest jump in the entry order (again, IF the Olympics are even held) from close to last to nearly first. Anyone remember whether the Brits enter as United Kingdom or England or Great Britain?

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Looks like they’re trying to justify those unnecessary meetings at the taxpayers’ expense some more...

for one reason or another, like being boycotted cause they’re going to dump contaminated water into the ocean (which was pledged to be fixed before 2020), there will be no Olympics.

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