Japan-born sumo wrestler wins title for 1st time in 10 years


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Brilliant performance, so glad to see him keep it up til the end!

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Beating 3 Yokozuna on the way to a title is a pretty fantastic way to do it. Well earned!

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Congratulations to Kotoshogiku!

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I admire any sumo wrestler that has a good match, and I admire the Mongolians, who have been great wrestlers. At the same time, I'm happy to hear about a Japanese winning.

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What an amazing stat, especially for those who recall the lengths the Sumo Association took to keep Konishiki from becoming a yokozuna.

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Ozeki Kotoshogiku - Omedetou ! Good job ! Otsukaresama ! I imagine the elders of the JSA (Sumo Kyokai) are tickled pink. It's been a long ten years. Now Kotoshogiku will be under tremendous pressure to rise to the rank of Yokozuna. Another couple perfomances like this one, and he will certainly be promoted. No Japanese Yokozuna since Takanohana retired. Again, Ozeki Kotoshogiku, Congrats !

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Beating three yokozunas one after another is a rare feat indeed... I wonder if he's not worthy of the title after this performance alone.

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if you actually watched the matches against the yokokunas, you'd be reminded of the match-fixing scandals a few years back.

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What is it with Japan and sports? They have the population and they have the sports training programs, but generally, they suck at sports! I should also add, the Japanese women sportspeople are a lot more successful than the men.

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@ebisen For an ozeki to be promoted to yokozuna, it's unofficially a requirement for him to win in double digits for three concecutive basho, with two of those having won the championship. I say again that it is not official, but that is usually what the JSA likes to see. On the other hand, he (a yokozuna) cannot be demoted after a couple of bad showings, as an ozeki can. A yokozuna is expected to retire if he does not perform like a yokozuna.

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Well earned after fighting and overcoming injures for so long. Congratulations!

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Great That we finally have a Japanese jusho winner but it was a strange basho, with many rikishi retiring, some strange calls from the gyoji and after the monoi's, and what is with Hakuho? some of his losses looked suspicious, What is wrong with ichinojou? Endo should heal his knees before he returns and Goeido has not the stuff to be an Ozeki.

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his wins over the yokozunas actually didn't look that impressive if you watched them.

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Good for him! Too bad all the headlines read "Japanese wrestler wins championship" or some variation on that, not "Kotoshogiku wins first championship". And throughout the tournament, the announcers and commentators continued focusing on the nationality of the wrestlers. Such a great sport, run by such a xenophobic establishment.

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konsihiki was never yokozuna material. relied too much on his size and had a bad attitude.

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