Japan's Olympic organizers to review venue plans for 2020 Games


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I love the new stadium design and hope they don't mess with it. Parisians were aghast when the Eiffel Tower was built, but now you can't imagine the city without it. What does Tokyo have? Tokyo Tower? How original.

As for construction costs, hire Chinese workers and use Chinese material.

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They should had won the 2016 bid, leaving the 2020 with Istanbul...but too late, we better wait until traveling through time becomes a scientific fact

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upgrade the old stadium and save the money. can't see what they are going to do with 80,000 seat monstrosity after the olympics.

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Cheaper labor doesnt mean cheapest buildings. Cheapest materials are not necessary chinese. If you change marmol to concrete or plaster. You can go cheaper. As for labor. You need skilled workers that live in the city and need no acommodation.

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Chinese workers and chinese materials... how very original, hopefully it also will crumble on you so we dont need to listen to such rubbish again. The point of hosting Olympics is to enhance the economy, increase workplaces and fuse in money , which would be moot if the people making money will be China and Yak contractors....

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This whole Olympic hosting thing is a huge scam, lining the pockets of the IOC, more corrupt than some of the most corrupt nations in the world.

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The seats in the stadium looks uncomfortable. They don't have back support.

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