Japan's Olympic soccer teams to train in nuclear clean-up zone


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I wonder how the players feel about this.

I don't think this symbolic gesture is necessary whatsoever considering the plethora of other places they could be training at.

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Are they hoping to get some kind of superpower by doing this?


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Neon yellow card.

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Japanese officials plan to reopen the facility—originally constructed by TEPCO and donated to the regional government in 1997—to serve as a symbol of recovery for the Tokyo Olympics.

How is that for window dressing. Rates up there with Abe,s " The situation in Fukushima is under control" sound bite. No doubt the nuclear evacuees still languishing in "temporary housing" will be overjoyed by this news.

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I'm just wondering what the dosimeter mascot will look like

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Are they hoping to get some kind of superpower by doing this?


I agree. It reminds of a comic book annual I had many years ago, where a school boy took his football team to the FA Cup final after touching some moon rocks. He would leap up to catch the ball, as a keeper. Half way through the match, his powers waned, couldn't jump, but could run as fast as whatsit of a shovel, scored the winning goal!

Dreams can come true. Though, like England, I think they will need all the help they can get to get out of the group stages in 2018!

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That makes sense!

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Aren't they supposed to say?:

"Volunteers step forward!"

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If at least one of them becomes Ultraman, that's more than enough for Japan to win gold in every competition.

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Didn't Peter Parker get his superhuman powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider? Perhaps this is the JFA's strategy to have the Japanese men's team win the WC in 2018. . . .

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A daft selfish idea, they need to STOP using sufferers of 3/11 & the meltdown this way no shame at all, why not move the DIET there!!

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"to serve as a symbol of recovery for the Tokyo Olympics."

A symbol of recovery... that hasn't even been 'recovered' yet... and why? Simply to try and garner pity the same way they did for the bid in the first place. This is a selfish gimmick, and I have no doubt in part introduced by TEPCO, and one that could potentially endanger the players.

Well done, Japan!

Meanwhile, thousands are still "recovering" in shelters as TEPCO and the government skirt compensation and the former pushes for record profits.

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Seriously, if it's really safe diet members and their families and TEPCO execs and their families should relocate to Fukushima to demonstrate that what they maintain is true, and to help revatalize the local economy.

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Japan’s Olympic soccer teams will train for the Tokyo 2020 Games at a complex currently being used as a base for thousands of workers cleaning up the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

This paragraph just begs the question, again: Why are the Olympics even being held until the Fukushima nuclear plants are properly dealt with?

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“Obviously it will be opened on condition that all decontamination work has been completed safely,” he added.

“We can’t say (at this point) if that decontamination will have been fully carried out and whether there will be zero effect from radiation by that time.”

So will they or won't they?

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Nadeshiko Japan and "Blue Samurai" Japan's new slogan: Don't make us angry, you wouldn't like us when we're angry.

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Here, Fukushima, we'll throw you a tiny, tiny bone. Please don't mind the fact that it's going to take gobs and gobs of money over the next 40 years to clean you all up, but in the meantime, we're going to divert a serious amount of the funds you need for a two + two-week sporting event that will make an elite few in Tokyo a lot of money.

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I wonder how the players feel about this.

What they feel doesn't matter, unfortunately.

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This article would have been more meaningful if it had explained whether Naraha is inside or out of the line of the main radiation plume which headed NW.

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Apparently it's about 20 km to the south of the nuclear plant (a 34-minute drive), and 1 km inland of a coal-fired power plant.

Wasn't the plume to the northwest of the nuclear plant?

Directions, Fukushima Daiichi NPP to J-Village sports complex, Naraha:

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What could go wrong?

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turbostat, many thanks!

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