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Japan's soccer coach gets 'go-between' after smiling ban


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People smile when they're embarrassed, or angry, even. Fixer, fix thyself!

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How many coaches is it going to take for them to blame before they realise the problem is with the players? Remember, they hired this guy to replace Ziko (or whatever his name was), to replace the other guy who quit after one season, to replace the other guy blamed for Japan's losing. The only coach they've spoken well of was Okada, who was coach when they got through the first round of WC way back when, and even he himself said, "I could have been absent and they would have done the same". Stop blaming the coach: he has every right to be frustrated and angry with the players.

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A bizarre instruction...Had he been Japanese, the chorus of criticism on this particular site would have been overwhelming....

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According to local media, Halilhodzic later issued a bizarre instruction to his players “not to be caught smiling”, apparently wanting them to show contrition.

I can see the logic behind it. That was a pretty embarrassing loss (referee shenanigans notwithstanding). He might have thought the players weren't taking the qualifiers seriously enough for his liking.

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lucabrasi: "Had he been Japanese, the chorus of criticism on this particular site would have been overwhelming...."

Or, were he Japanese they might be struggling with whom to blame in the first place, instead of making the foreign coach the usual scapegoat for the continuing struggle of the players. Seriously -- what's changed from coach to coach, besides the coach?

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No doubt. It very much works both ways....

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I think it's a smart move. Halilhodzic has always been seen as a 'dictator/coach' lacking communication skills even when he was in france. I actually think his hard working, dictatorial style suits Japan but he definitely needs an assistant who know J players better than he does and will help bridge the cultural gap.

Would say he is to football what eddie jones was to rugby: players have to listen, work hard and do as they are told.

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Japanese players do tend to 'ironically' smile or laugh when refereeing decisions don't go their way, which is pretty annoying. I would ban that if I was the coach, along with waving an imaginary yellow card and 'simulation', both of which are also too common here.

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