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Japan's Sunwolves ready for Super Rugby reset after horror year


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Until the JRFU invests some real money in the Sunwolves and get's all the top players eligible for Japanese national honors playing this team will continue to drag the Super Rugby comp down. Why is Mafi playing for the Rebels? He is a Japanese national representative and should be playing in his home country unless he has given away national honors. Yamada is another one that should be either playing for the Sunwolves or stepping down from the national team. Argentina has the right idea, and the ABs even better, if you want to represent the nation you have to play in it. JRFU has mis-managed this franchise since it's inception. It's not a baby learning to walk but something from another orifice being polished.

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I wouldn't say they had a horror year. Quite a number of the games they lost were close. Given how they were thrown together at short notice and had more travelling than all other teams it's to be expected for the first season. This time it will really show whether they deserve to be in the competition. And yes, more money of course, would help but I think they showed more spirit and got more support than one SA team who also did poorly. I think if they get good coaching and a few wins under their belt they'll find their feet and in the long run that would be very good Japan rugby.

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A loss by 20pts or less would be 'respectable' for the wolves but I don't see that happening tmrw (hope am wrong).

“Argentine rugby is improving with being involved in Super Rugby and we’re hoping for the same being the only Asian team.”

Too early to say. The Jaguares had a very disappointing first season (in a weak pool) and the Pumas haven't done much better either at international level. Joining the Rugby championship a few years back did help though but at the moment Argie rugby is stagnating. And am not sure 1 team in SR is what you need to increase player depth.

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Unfortunately, I think it will be more of the same this season. I'm hoping for, but not expecting, a competitive score line against the defending champs tomorrow. Also, they don't travel particularly well, a huge disadvantage in this particular comp, where they have several 'home' games in Singapore, and a three week tour of New Zealand followed immediately by the Jaguares in Buenos Aires. Throw in a couple of tours to South Africa for good measure.

Losing Hammett was a big blow. They won't build any consistency or momentum by changing coaches every year.

But anyway, go the mighty Chie...I mean, the Sunwolves!

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Im hoping to see some good games in Tokyo this year, but I doubt Ill see many or any wins for the Wolves. Last year, Tusi Pisi was the best player for the Wolves and hes gone. Im not sure which players from the Hurricanes will be starting, but if its a strong team Im guessing it could be a 50 point gap. Or more. But get out and support Super Rugby in Tokyo and Singapore anyway! PS: I think Yamada is still on the team, but from the article below he`s living in the USA? or something:

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