Japan's unsponsored marathon man eyes world title


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This guy is amazing! I wish I had 1/10th of his stamina and 1% of his desire. I hope the city that he works for cuts him some slack and finds a way to "support" him too!

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No sponsor? Hopefully he will get one soon!! He certainly deserves it.

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Why does he not have a sponsor?

I wish him well. 22 races so far this year is insane!

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Total respect. Hope he continues to do well and inspire others to do the same.

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That's called doing it for the love of the sport. Nice!

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That is awesome.

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Great stuff, focusing on the sport rather than the "talento" part

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Ganbatte, Kawauchi-san!

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This is a great story and I hope he gets a medal.

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I'd like to sponsor him! Perhaps he could just sell a few cm's of space on his running bib or cap.

I hope he wins. Alan Wells did not have a coach or sponsor during most of his training for Olympic gold, I read somewhere on youtube, so it is possible.

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athletes spend more and more time doing commercial and events more than training for heir sports. No wonder people with strong-will can start competing with them. This guy is amazing, best of luck!

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Astounding that he has won 9 marathons in a year! Equally astounding that corporate Japan hasn't yet backed the guy. Maybe he is not at home doing the promotional stuff and just isn't a natural on a stage or in front of a camera, bit rough around the edges in a world of "polished" athletes? Who knows - but as long as he does the business on the track, that's all the true sports fans care about!

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Equally astounding that corporate Japan hasn't yet backed the guy.

Actually I do believe that there would be a conflict of interest because he is a government employee. If I am not mistaken for him to actually accept any corporate sponsorship he would have to quit his job as a komuin (government employee).

Hence his not having any official sponsors. There are some pretty strict rules that they have to follow.

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Love how this guy gives 120% every race. He always collapses at the finish line and has to get carried off the track.

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