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Japan's new rugby coach Jones aims for top 10 spot


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“Definitely, we want to beat the All Blacks at the next World Cup,” he said. “Realistically, we know that might be difficult. You can do it Eddie-a second string Wallaby side sabotaged by a couple of N.Z.rejects..AND a French rabble got close.. AB'S only win it every 6 cycles or so...and I like that comment about wanting to win all matches too ..Eddie talks a great game,doesn't he ?

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Obviously there's been a directive to not use as many foreign born players. Top 10 is a worthy goal, but overly optimistic. In reality they'll do well to stay where they are with rugby growing in popularity in places like Russia, Georgia, USA etc.

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Eddie is great, love what he's done at Suntory, and look what he did with the Wallabies, but hiring him as coach is not gonna change anything. I'm not sold yet, I'm still sour about them letting Kiriwin go, he wasn't the problem. What's the point in hiring someone for just 4 years? It's gonna be harder to improve than it was 4 years ago when Kirwin took over from Elissalde, and if Japan doesn't make the top 10 then what? We let go of Eddie and start over again for 2016?

Immediately after the World Cup, there were some good articles that came out about the reasons for the national team being a failure, and they all talked about needing to change the structure of rugby here, to completely overhaul the tournaments and the referees, get rid of the pretentious tradition that surrounds the College rugby, get more high schoolers playing competitive rugby including sevens, get younger players into the top league teams, and get more Japanese players playing overseas. Yet since the world cup we've heard nothing so far about any changes, just dribbly speculation that Eddie is gonna be the new coach. What they needed was to do was to higher someone that's not part of the Japanese rugby system, like Kieran Crowley or John Mitchel. Someone who would start the job and within a month demand a complete cleanup of the whole rugby structure, because otherwise nothing is gonna change.

I'm not sold yet. I'll stick by them for one more season, and if nothing changes I'm giving up supporting them, because unless they change this year, then 2019 is gonna be a joke.

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Eddie if you can't fire the head of the JRFU and change the fundamental structure of the game in Japan then your peeing into the wind. The talent pool is too shallow and players get spoiled by the university league system. Beat the All Blacks, how about beat the other pacific nations teams first. Crawl, walk run.

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@ Lunchbox. A clean up of J Rugby ain't going to happen unless they get rid of all the old farts that run the JRU. Even my friend who is one of these old farts thinks this. Make it professional at the top and then hopefully it will trickle down.

EJ is the best man for the job. He needs to stay on until 2019 if he is going to make any difference.

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Eddie Jones and Calm Down are both dreamers, wannabes didnt get close to the ABSs in the world cup at all.

And to even dream of japan beating the all blacks you'd have to be on drugs having opium dreams.

Eddie jones talks a good game sure but he doesnt know how to play a good game, wallabies greatest losing coach ever speaks for itself.

Japan getting to 12th in world rankings will be a struggle so 10th will not come easy with other tems also stepping up thier game.

Japan would need to beat the aussies before they were able to beat ABS, but beating the aussies is a reality when you consider that even tonga beat the wobbyles last year.

I know japan and the japanese love disney land but to live in fantasy land doesnt help in reality.

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even tonga beat the wobbyles last year.

Samoa, not Tonga

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spudman ok you're right thanks for correcting me. it was a pacific team and it made us all in the pacific very happy some even laughed out very loud, haha.

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The bar has been set low. He gets one win in the world cup and that would be more than enough for Japan :)

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Good luck Eddie. I guess he has had huge wads of yen thrown at him - I just hope he is able to get some regular high-level matches as he says, such as Wales, Scotland, etc. Bossing around Pacific nations' B-teams and Asian teams 80-0 is all well and good before the World Cup, but come world cup time it counts for nothing as we know. The real, chronic problem in Japan is that the very few kids remaining in this population are throwing baseballs around and kicking soccer balls - they need to get some of these teenagers playing rugby to develop a talent pool. God knows how they will...

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Japan doesn't care about Rugby. Ever watched a league game on TV? Waste of time. Spend the money on mens Soccer or Womans Volleyball where we have a chance to compete. Love the game of Rugby burvimpossible to get passionate about on a country level...even as a Japanee. We are too small.

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@the are not too small ,you are not going to get hurt and you are going to have a lot more satisfaction playing this game than hitting a ball in the air with your wrists(and aren't the majority of those players big ?)..give it a bit more time,oh, and watch some of the talent that's on show right now in the national high school tournament

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.even as a Japanee. We are too small.

Check out the stats for Japans team. No one under 180cms except the halfback. Too small won't work as an excuse anymore.

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The first thing the coach needs to do is change the team name. No one will take the 'Brave Blossoms' seriously until then.

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