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JOC head says Tokyo nearing decision on 2020 Olympic bid


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It is utter nonsense that having the Olympics in Japan will help rebuild from the disaster. Most already well developed cities see extreme expenses in areas that will not be fully exploited later. While more rural areas benefit from the development of infrastructure like transportation, Tokyo would not. We already have these things.

It would be profound waste of money and the billions earmarked for this by the corrupt Tokyo leaders should be shifted towards helping people in need. Both in the north where people are still in desperate situations and in Tokyo where the economic impact has harmed so many families.

I strongly suspect that the reason these leaders want the Olypics is for their own glorification and for the opportunity to line their pockets, and those of their contractor and building friends. Shameful overt corruption masked as some kind of public good. Well sorry Ishihara and friends, we are not buying it!

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"Tokyo spent an estimated $176 million dollars bidding for 2016."

Think about how much money that is just for bidding. You could build an Olympic facility(or two) for that cost.

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As long as Shintaro "I hate foreigners" Ishihara, or one of his hand-picked cronies for that matter, leads Tokyo, the foreign community will do exactly what we did for the 2016 bid: bombard the IOC with every article, speech, and/or piece of evidence that illustrates that mans absolute contempt for foreigners.

I'd love to see the games in Japan, but not with that fool taking credit.

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They might actually win a sympathy vote. How much has ishihara wasted on this pipe dream already? From my understanding, local Tokyo folks don't want the olympics.

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What a waste of money! HIroshima stopped their bid due to financial difficulties. Where the hell does Tokyo get its money from. The red cross! If anyone should resign its Ishihara!

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I doubt Tokyo can get the Olympics. What will happen instead is another profound waste of money by that crazy old man Ishihara and his corrupt cronies.

I agree, if they bid for it, we need to illustrate to the IOC through protests, letters and a popular campaign to reject the Olympics in Japan and to illustrate that the people of Tokyo do not want this.

Another shining example of how government in Japan represents their own personal interests while ignoring those of the people. Politicians are to blame for being useless if not corrupt. But the people are to blame for foolishing electing these creatures to office again and again. I sometimes wonder if the people here have a strong self destructive side that leads to this behavior.

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Ishihara's thinking may be like this: "They voted me in again, so they must want me to try for the Olympics again."

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Dream on, Ishihara. It's not going to happen. It shouldn't happen. You've got bills to pay, not Games to play. Lawyers are lining up to get their clients radiation checks cashed.

Japan should wait AT LEAST 50 years before they put in another bid. The weather is nice in Rio come summertime.

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Of course they will bid - japanese pride is at stake (not to mention the bank balances of the construction compnaies who will benefit from the work)....

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"Takeda said a bid by Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics could go a long way in helping Japan rebuild from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March."

How did I know they were going to play the victim card? This is an absolute crock! It'll go a long way towards bid-rigging and lining the pockets of politicians, for sure, but how no earth would the Olympics being held in Tokyo help the people in Tohoku? On the contrary, if Tokyo bids and loses, it'll have spent, yet again, a HEAP of money on nothing -- and this time money that could have and should have been used to ACTUALLY help people.

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Interesting how all the posts here say the same thing but we all got "thumbs down" reactions. I even got 2... woo-hoo I'm winning! Except tkoind2??? The J-trolls must be out.

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Welcome to the facebook, youtube, etc world where you can like or dislike anything. In reality those ratings are just so much fluff and no-one(in their right mind) cares about them.

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I hope they go for it. And get it.

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The money is needed elsewhere, it's time to rebuild Japan not build Olympic venues even if it is 9 years away.

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The guy is a loony:


Lives in a dream world, He also canceled the tokyo bay fireworks festival this year... I dont understand his priorities.

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You really don't want them to bid and you really don't want them to get it if they bid.

It's a double whammy. One, Tokyo will waste precious resources (money) in trying to make the bid. Ignoring all the displaced victims of 3/11

Two: People forget the small things but they won't forget about a nuclear accident. This isn't Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come.....No, it's more like if you build it they won't come cause of the radiation and you'll be stuck with a wasted crop field and the bank will take your land. I'm not saying the radiation exists, but the fear certainly does. Good luck with your PR campaign to convince the world otherwise.

The more crazy people claim they aren't crazy , the more the doctors think they're crazy. This guy doesn't know he's crazy. It's along those lines.

Furthermore, it's expensive as hell to travel here. Expensive to get there, expensive to stay and a possible health risk. - No, they aren't coming. High definition TV is just as good. We'll watch. Only the Big Wigs make out broadcasting worldwide.

I think New Zealand should make a bid. They've got almost the same amount of earthquake devastation but without the radiation threat. New Zealand needs the Olympics much much more than Tokyo. Futhermore, after hosting the Rugby World Cup they'll have experience on their side to boot.

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Ha ha Olympics, how about more than a week of testing? Mind you athletes with three legs and five arms would be winners.

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Still think Fukuoka would be a viable candidate. Japan consists not only of Honshu.

Oh- and, wow, can you post links now?

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Still think Fukuoka would be a viable candidate.

Hell, no thank you!

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Exactly what the country needs. Another publicly financed construction scam and one that will suck the resources from the hinterlands, including ground zero of the disaster. Fukushima has replaced Chernobyl as the scariest place in the world as far as the world is concerned and every news report concerning Japan is prefaced with "only 220 kilometres from Tokyo." The bl++dy government has declared it safe to eat caesium, indeed encourages us to do so, and safe as well for school pupils to bask in the same radiation levels once limited to adult nuclear plant workers. Who would trust these blokes to hold an Olympics?

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Sorry Ishihara it`s not a good idea. wait 20 years.

Host it in Fukuoka or Osaka !!!!!

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