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Jones admits selection error but wants to turn England into rugby 'powerhouse'


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Focused too much on the All Blacks and took their eyes off the prize. That England isn't a powerhouse in Rugby already is a mystery. Most money, second biggest player base and convenient location to play top teams without major travel issues. No other nation has it so good.

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Looks like he won’t be the Wallabies new coach then

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 That England isn't a powerhouse in Rugby already is a mystery. 

I'd say they already are 'a' powerhouse (not 'the' though). NT aren't the be all and end all of sports.

One major difference between the NH & SH is that the poms and other NH nations love their club footy (same with other team sports) and don't want NT coaches & federation to dictate what they should do, who they should rest etc during the domestic/euro cups season. SR franchises on the other hand are essentially aru, saru and nzru's puppets/toys; can't do that in europe i.e. noone's gonna tell saracens, toulouse, man u, real & co (rugby, football, basket etc) who to rest & when or that they should have a 4-5 month long domestic season. Not gonna happen.

Euros love their 9-10 month long leagues and i don't think (and hope) it will change anytime soon.

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N.Z. beat S.A. yet Eng beat N.Z,but then S.A.beat Eng!!

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