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Jousting makes comeback in England as competitive sport

By Justine GERARDY

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The examples I have seen were very impressive. Well worth watching though undoubtedly the cost is a limiting factor.

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Modern-day jousters base their equipment on what was traditionally used -- but participation comes at a price, reflecting its elitist roots as the sport popular with kings, queens and the nobility.

Get William and Harry to have a joust. A grudge match. Pay per view.

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The Knights of Arkley


This is my sister's jousting company in the UK. They have always been part of my childhood growing up going to events. Heavy is an understatement, I remember as a boy failing to lift one of the swords!

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An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

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(caption from photo #3) "The format and equipment is similar to that of medieval times, although woman [sic] now compete"

Is there only ONE woman?

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Where on earth do you buy a suit of armour? I can't recall seeing any at Sports Authority.

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Sure, why not......what could go wrong?

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As the country homes unerringly on living in its past, nothing could be more appropriate.

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Sounds like a right lark, wouldn’t mind watching but not competing after smashing up me knee last year, wouldn’t want to hurt that any more, lol

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