Judge ties Maris AL mark with 61st HR


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His 61st home run to tie the AL record set 61 years ago, in 1961.

61 is the number of the day today.

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Another fun fact: Judge hit “only” 39 home runs last year.

The same number Roger Maris hit the season before he hit 61.

Also they were both right fielders. As was Ruth.

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More mind blowing trivia:

Hank Aaron had a mere 47 home runs in his best season at age 37, yet reached a grand total of 755. Sadaharu Oh never reached 60 homers in a season in the shorter seasons of NPB but still amassed over 800. Former NPB slugger Cecil Fielder and his son Prince hit an equal number of MLB bombs in their respective careers.

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All Rise!

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...and Judge did it clean! He is wonderful!

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99 (Judge) finally caught #9 (Maris)

After a HR drought of 7 games - that's the longest it took anyone in the MLB to go from HR 60 to 61 (the 4 previous players took no more than 3 games). But through it all, his mom and Maris' son attended every game, waiting for the moment of historical significance

But in those 7 games and 34 at-bats, he reached base 18 times, getting walks 4 out of 10 times. Seems every at-bat gets to 3-2 count, so he's seeing a lot of pitches and isn't forcing it on bad pitches. Ya know you're good when you're batting .400 in the last couple weeks; yet people think something's wrong, lol

Judge watched the ball clank off the front of the stands, just below two fans who reached over a railing and tried for a catch.

Those fans were really upset - that ball would've been worth a lot! One fan, the ball even hit his glove before falling out, lol

HR #62 would be worth a lot more

A momma's boy, Judge gave the #61 ball to his mom (a white mother who adopted a mixed-race baby btw)

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