Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang.

N Korea applies to compete at worlds in Japan: source


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In the spirit of sportsmanship, Japan will probably let them in to compete, and will definitely also consider to allow in NK athletes for Tokyo 2020. I hope the Summit between PM Abe and Chairman Kim can be organized soon.

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Abe should say: On condition that you return the Japanese citizens (or their remains) your country has kidnapped over the years.

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NK seems to be taking the first step in opening up, let's give them a chance. Sports should be open for all you can't punish an athlete for the country he comes from

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should be interesting

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NK should return the people they kidnapped first, then we'll let their athletes in. While we're at it, Taiwan should be allowed to take part in the olympics under its own name and flag.

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@Ganbare Japan!

also consider to allow in NK athletes for Tokyo 2020

It’s not “consider”; Japan has a legal obligation to let all qualified NK athletes in for Soccer and the Olympics, or Japan gets sanctioned by FIFA and IOC.

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So long as they don't mix with any SK teams and weaken them. NK standalone (as is usual) and let's see what they can do.

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hopefully they will approve these athletes to come.

Sounds like a promising way to thaw ties in the future between NK and Japan, like some of those exhibition puroresu matches Antonio Inoki did in North Korea.

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