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Kagawa has work to do, says Manchester United's Moyes


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Give Kagawa his legs.

It's Moyes has work to do.

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Hanzawa Naoki. That Is who Kagawa have to be. If a manager shows feeling he doesn't like a player, it is hard for the player to play in such pressures from the manager and other teammates who care about the manager's feeling. It’s like the situation Mr. Hanzawa, a TV drama hero, was in. Having said so, Kagawa have to get it over by showing his capability of playing amonge the bests of the bests. Mean while, a trade is only logical solution for being looked down but I know he does’t like the idea. After all,Kagawa doesn't have much choices, only Bai-gae-shi(means punch back double) is needed and that is what I want to see with Kagawa in the game.

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Kagawa will get a chance in the League. They scraped through against Liverpool last night but not too many, including realistic Man U fans, are convinced of the quality of this squad. Looking at the Man U midfield with the likes of Young and Valencia, there aren't too many midfielders Moyes would be loathe to drop.

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Well indeed so give him a chance to play, not warm bench. You sir idiot.

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I wish J Sports would stop advertising their EPL coverage with what have become bit-part players like Kagawa and Yoshida. Makes them look silly. Yoshida is going to be on the front cover of FIFA 14 in Japan... for crying out loud.

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Kagawa is still not the best in his position at MU. Sir Alec knew it, Moyes knows it and the media know SFA about it.

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Moyes is a lemon

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If he doesn't get playing time he will not be 'match' smart, his physical fitness is top notch. Anyway, City are Manchester's team now, he should go Blue.

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