Kagawa? It's Honda who drives Japan


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"Playmaker Keisuke Honda, however, did not waste the opportunity to market himself to potential employers."

Why am I not surprised? Being the golden boy in the media here for so long has really gotten to his head. His comments make him sound like a whining two year old.


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I think Honda is a good player, but I don't like him.

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I used to like Honda but he keeps coming off as an arrogant jerk and I think this is why no big clubs want him. He's got the ego but does he have the skills to play with the big boys? Not worth the risk so he sits in Russia and cries about it. His faffing around with his kicks during the Oz game were a fine example of how he thinks the world revolves around him - and well, the ref called him on it. Fair enough.

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he keeps coming off as an arrogant jerk

I guess you didn't listen to his interview after the game when he scored 3 goals. The interviewer pointed out that the last guy who scored a hat trick in the final round of qualification for the World Cup was King Kazu. Honda said he had to thank his teammates and also pointed out that he was given a PK.

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One interview doesn't make up for all the cockiness his shows at other times.

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Nothing wrong with self-confidence, particularly for a creative player. To be honest, I'm a little fed up with the false modesty of Japanese sportspeople with their boring, timeworn 'I will work hard and do my best' interviews. Hope you get the movie you're looking for blondie!

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Jimizo: "Nothing wrong with self-confidence, particularly for a creative player."

You're absolutely right, but there's a difference between self-confidence and arrogance, and Honda is simply the latter. Once again, we have a Japanese athlete who somehow feels he is OWED a position in a big club (like Iwakumi for the MLB), and I hope he doesn't get any offers until he improves his attitude.

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I'm with T-marie on this one -- his great playing is overshadowed by his extremely poor and incredibly arrogant attitude. Once again, I point out that he comes across as an infant with the statements he made here.

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Truth be told, I really like Honda, he's like ramped up version of hide Nakata. He even has the arrogance to boot. He is definitely a better player than kagawa, in that he has good leadership skills, is very strong, an has tremedous skils, and is very good at conserving his energy on the field and changing the pace of the game with good measure. However, it would be correct to assume that many teams do not want another alpha type player on their team, and His knee is a hinderence. Coach Zaccheroni certainly likes him and appreiciates his services, as well he should, he is very unique. kagawa however, has lot's of players who are just as good as him, but he fits the type foriegn squads are looking for in a japanese player, quick, skillful, standard, good looking and will sell t-shirts, if they wanted a star player, they would have went to Africa, Brazil, or even stayed at home. I feel for Honda , I think he actually deserves a nice contract, He'd make good use of it. But I still like watching him play. He's just playing in the wrong era. 10 years from now, We'll be begging for a player like him.

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I'm not sure how can make such a clear cut difference between self-confidence and what you call arrogance. Honda stated his belief using 'I think' according to the translation. ' I think I'd fit in just as well' is what international players should be thinking. I want my players to believe they are good enough to compete at the highest level. He's ambitious - let others know it.

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Shut up.

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Once again, we have a Japanese athlete who somehow feels he is OWED a position in a big club

CORRECTION: Once again, we have an athlete who somehow feels he is OWED a position in a big club. NOTE: This kind of thing is neither unique to one particular race, nor is it particular to one particular sport. This sense of entitlement is quite common among athletes of all walks of life in any many sports.

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Honda plays like a possessed man these days and he backs up all his talk like nobody else in the past. He just wants to leave Russia to take his career to another level, nothing wrong with that, we only live once. Enjoy every second of him because we will miss him so much when he retires.

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