Kagawa says: 'Ask Moyes why I'm not playing'


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He's a talented player (if a bit physically slight) but the reality of playing at a top level club is that they have a deep bench and not everyone is going to get a first team place. Good luck to him but even if it doesn't work out at Man U there will be dozens of clubs lining up to sign him.

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Reality is that Moyes is still finding his feet, especially around managing top name talent. Man U midfield is pedestrian at best, so Kagawa probabaly deserves a chance to start a game.

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Moyes has always been a very conservative coach, so maybe he feels that Kagawa doesn't offer enough defensive protection to the team. Moyes has always (at Everton at least) played games with the intention of not losing, rather than of winning, so that could also be part of his decisions so far.

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You're not playing because you're physically weak and you suck. Hey there's a good reason...

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Why don't you ask him directly instead of using the media you big puss...

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...because maybe you're not good enough and was signed to generate sales from your shirts in the Far East,to help pay down the Glazer debt.Clearly he chose the wrong team to go to.Bigger doesn't always mean better.Talking about football clubs here thank you.Ha! Ha!

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He's not playing because he isn't good enough.

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... it might not be that he's not good enough, but rather financial. Just before contract resigning or if there's a rumor of a trade or buy-out of a player they'll often take them off the field for while to lower their market value.

Players in the U.K. are commodities, and part of managing a major team like United is managing the market value of your players. Top players command such high salaries that buy-outs are uncommon, but new talent like Kagawa goes for a more reasonable price and could start a bidding war that Moyes feels like avoiding until he's more settled and has a clearer idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

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not good enough?? are you ppl crazy? did you saw him playing the whole season in dortmund? in my eyes this guy is one of the best offensive middle field player on this planet. i compare him with iniesta, just that he didn`t had the firepower around him, but has even more goal instinct than iniesta. this guy deserve to play.. i am with bluebris - think that moyes likes more a defensive play. hope you find a club to play shinji - the moment he will change the club, i buy the shirt :D

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This is soccer not football so it shouldn't matter if he is physically weak. All you need is coordination/speed/accuracy/

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We'll have him at Liverpool. He'd be a fantastic replacement for Steven Gerrard.

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@lapinsubmarine Kagawa is a good player but on the level of Iniesta? If he was anywhere near that level, the world's top clubs would have been kicking down Dortmund's door for his signature with wheelbarrows of cash. Man U fans don't seem too exasperated to see him on the bench or out of the squad. Man U had the third best squad in the league last year but a genius of a manager plus troubles at Chelsea and City saw them become champions. That isn't the case this year, and Man U fans have been making their anger very clear about their failure to strengthen in the window, particularly in midfield. Not too many, including Moyes, think Kagawa has the quality or presence to be a main man. He'd be a regular in most Premiership sides, but not one chasing titles.

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He'd be a regular in most Premiership sides, but not one chasing titles.

He's way good enough. He was in the Bundesliga best eleven and helped Dortmund to two titles. If you think the Bundesliga is substandard compared to the Premier League, may I present exhibit A, last year's Champions League final?

Players getting on the field ahead of Kagawa include Ashley Young, a 39-year old Ryan Giggs, and even Anderson. If Kagawa is 100% fit (and there are questions over that) then he does have a right to ask why he's not in the team.

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The Liverpool v Man U game recently at Anfield was the worst I'd seen United play for years. Liverpool weren't much better, but managed to win through defensive tactics in the second half. Arsenal play the best football out of the top clubs in my opinion. Moyes should give Kagawa a chance-anything is better than tepid performances from the likes of Ashley Young.

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'He's way good enough' He had a few very good years in Germany in a very good side. By his own admission he was patchy at best last season with a few good cameos but many games passed him by and Man U fans have been screaming for midfield reinforcements all summer. One disgruntled Man U fan asked me how many Man U midfielders including Kagawa would get into a midfield chosen from the Man U, Man C and Chelsea squads. That's the standard Man U should be looking at. How many managers in the Premiership would select Kagawa in that team?

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