Kagawa tight-lipped on future after Ferguson visit


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Coach Jurgen Klopp said he could understand Kagawa’s attraction to the Premier League, which is hugely popular in the midfielder’s native Japan.

“Back in Japan, the Bundesliga is nothing, while the English league is everything.

Am I living in the same Japan as he's talking about?

Surly this should have read:

Coach Jurgen Klopp said he could understand Kagawa’s attraction to the Premier League, which is hugely popular in the midfielder’s native Japan when Japanese players are playing for a Premier League team.

“Back in Japan, the Bundesliga is nothing, while Japanese players playing for a Premier League team is everything.

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Sounds as though Dortmund are not that bothered if he goes - strange, as they should be fighting to keep him.

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Good lad - sounds like he is headed to the EPL. Man U definitely will have a starting place for him as they will be running broom through the whole joint in the next few weeks after being pipped by City. And his German manager is spot on: the EPL is waaay more popular all through Asia than the Bundesliga.

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He would fit better at Arsenal! Come to Arsenal and enjoy playing the attractive football you crave! ^o^/

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I don't think the coaches and the fans at Dortmund are not bothered - I'm sure they need him and will love to have them for longer. However the owners wouldn't cry as even in Germany football is business and they'll be making huge margin on their profit. I like their team with this young coach and young players with very refreshing ideas and play-style. They are ready to exchange any player with some rough diamond and we all see the results!

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He would be very useful at United and I'd like to see him in the EPL, but if he wants to win trophies there he needs to pull on a blue Manchester shirt, not a red one.

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God, I loved typing that.

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If he really wants to leave the best supported club in Europe just to get airtime on J-Sports, I'd recommend Arsenal or Chelsea. I'm from Manchester. It always rains and the girls are ugly. Head to London, or better still stay at Dortmund.

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you watch - he'll go to Man U, get crushed by the weight of expectation in Japan, get loaned out to another EPL team before ending up in the Championship league if he's lucky. He'd be better off going to a lower ranked EPL team, getting the experience and then moving up another step...

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Dude, Dortmund won the league in Germany. The second placed team, Bayern, could well win the champions league at the weekend, what makes you think he couldn't cut it at Man U? He'd walk into that team.

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Definitely shouldnt go to Manchester Useless. They are going down the river.All there players are old are just plain crap. Yesterday was delightful seeing them getting their hopes up to be dashed at the last minute. Couldnt happen to nicer fans hahaha

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Some great advice here. City and Chelsea have an amazing record in developing young players don't they? How many of their starting 11 came through their youth system? Man Utd or Arsenal are definitely the best options. They're basically the only big teams with a track record and managers who know about developing and mentoring younger players. Spurs could be alright too. Not only that, but there's no way he'd get into the City midfield - Utd have an opening tailor-made for him. He'd be a mug to pass the opportunity up.

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Well, Fergie knows he needs to buy smart this time around. And I think he will fit in very well at United. City are a group of mercenaries, nothing more. The salaries they pay their players are outrageous and detrimental to the health of English football. I wish the financial fair-play rules could come in sooner.

All I know is that the media can be quite misleading when it comes to football gossip. Every year United are linked with two dozen players (at least)! This season too, we're being linked to Hazard, Gaitan, Muniain, Kagawa, etc. But nothing will be certain until the pen is put to the paper.

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There are also rumors that Sir Alex is looking to sign Lewandowski and Hummels in addition to Kagawa.

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Whoever is Kagawa's agent, they deserve a bonus this year. Such a smart move to leave any contract decisions until after the Cup Final. Kagawa's great performance this year and also in the Cup Final really added to his to his value as a player. Now he has helped bring some silverware to Dortmund, his management are in a great position to negotiate the best possible deal.

In fact it has been announced that Kagawa will not extend his contract at Dortmund. No Japanese player has ever succeeded to land a big EPL contract. United have signed Paul Scholes for one more season, so I suppose Fergie is looking to fill that attacking midfield position.

I would not rule our Arsenal also having a bid for Kagawa. More than United, Wenger has a better understanding of Japanese players, culture and language which might suit Kagawa. Yet Kagawa has said himself he often dreams of playing at Old Trafford, so that's a pretty good indication as to where Kagawa will be going if the offer from Fergie is on the table.

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come to Newcastle!!!

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