Kameda defends WBA bantamweight title


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Why is it that these guys rarely fight overseas??? I'm not a boxing fan (and think these guys, especially the Kamedas, are a bunch of thugs), but I've heard in the grapevine that some of the boxers coming from developing countries are flown in 1 or 2 days before the fight....I guess it is easier to beat an opponent on home turf and when they are jet lagged, tired and overwhelmed by the sights.... just a thought.......

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You've probably nailed it right there. Fighting out of your country you're more likely to be found out to show your real strength and true colours. Am guessing that's why he hardly ever does.

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@hurryharry1 They mainly fight in Japan because they can make more money, duh. Japanese people can afford to pay 5,000 yen or whatever but you can't charge the same in say Mexico, Filippines or Thailand. It's as much as business as sport.

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Suzuki is partly correct but Japan is not the only rich Asian nation with good boxers. South Korea has plenty of good, young boxers too, but many of the fights I have seen here in Japan make me laugh. They bring some old dude, over the hill who has not boxed for say more than 10 years back in Mexico or Venezuela, bring him over to Japan and wow, the young, strong Japanese boxer gets to win over a Mexican or Venezuelan his is twice his own age?? In boxing a 19 year old fighting against a 40 year old?? It would be unheard of in Mexico and we know our boxing.

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Will Kameda now fight his countryman Yamanaka - the fellow bantamweight ranked higher than him in Japan and the world? (check BoxRec) Will he fight the WBA Undisputed Super Champion of Bantamweight, Anselmo Moreno? Doubt it, he knows he would be owned. Just let Daddy keep choosing Mexican taxi-drivers for you to fight, Koki.

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To be the champ you have to beat the champ so you're being unfair ( De la Mora had a perfect record with 22 KOs) but I guess it's part of the bashing ...

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Clement - actually, Kameda is not the top WBA bantamweight champ. That honour goes to Anselmo Moreno, the WBA Bantamweight "Super Champion"/"Undisputed Champion" of the world. That's not being unfair or bashing - simply fact. If Koki had the guts he would now challenge Moreno for the top belt, there would be big cash in it and would be a good match up - but I can't see that happening.

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That's not that easy, he can challenge Moreno but Moreno has the final word, there are also money issues and a ton of stuff which is making bowing die nowadays. Ultimately, if he has the chance, of course he's gonna challenge Moreno at one point ... But telling behind a computer that a warrior such as Kamada doesn't have the guts is a bit too much for me. He's still young, let him develop and see if he choses to challenge the top once he's ready.

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But telling behind a computer that a warrior such as Kamada doesn't have the guts is a bit too much for me.

So I can't have an opinion? I watch a bit of boxing and I agree with the smart judges that don't rate Kameda. He will stay in Japan, fight the guys daddy has chosen and never challenge the best pound-for-pounders. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but it aint happening under Kameda Sr. Moreno would whip him every day of the week.

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