Kameda retains WBA bantamweight title


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Why are their fights always in either Osaka or Tokyo? And why is it that they fight either some guy from Mexico, Thailand, or Venezuela every other fight? Are there no other boxers out there? I really don't like this family, and how they act.

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MJM, their fights are always in japan cuz they are truly not worthy of fighting internationally or a stage like say, vegas, where all the real, top boxers fight.

the reason they only fight thais, mexicans or venezualans is because those fighters need the money. they are set up with weak opponents to fatten their records.

there are many boxers out there, but these bozos havent yet proven that they deserve such a chance. they are as good as staged 'fights' over here. no real value, nor meaning in the bouts, except for the small japanese boxing market.

hey daiki, no singing after a loss, huh. keep praying, maybe someday you'll dream you are like manny pacquiao. that's right, dream, cuz in reality you stink.

i foresee a life of terrible variety show appearances for these two. めっちゃうまっ!

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If these are "world champion boxing matches" why are they only held in Japan? I used to watch WBA championship bouts 20 years ago + and they were often held in Vegas or other locales worldwide. Has something changed? Are these boxers really the top-ranked from around the world?

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Also many of the boxers were topped ranked Americans. Where are they? Or is this some kind of a Japan sponsored boxing association?

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How many of the lighter weight class fighters hail from the US anyway? Boxing is not limited to the US and Vegas, time to get those myopic glasses off and see the world.

Personally I don't like the image that the Kameda's have made for themselves, they are just acting like boxers from any other corner of the planet. It's part showmanship, and it sells tickets.

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Dubious judging over the years has met that most boxers avoid Japan, the WBA is one of the few organizations that operates in Japan. Boxing is dirty, in Japan filthy.

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Why no mention of the youngest brother's fight??

The family has cleaned up in the past few years - they are always very respectful for interviews and the like. Amazing family in the world of sports.

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Daiki Kameda's fight is included at the end of the story.

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It has EVERYTHING to do with money, and very little to do with dubious decisions. In the only decision of the night involving a Kameda, Daiki deservedly lost on points.

The Kameda setup can bring in boxers from those places to fight in Japan because they can pay them enough to get them to come to Japan. It's exactly the same reason that Mayweather only fights in the USA. And as champion, a manager's main goal is to set his champion up with as many no-hopers as possible, before the governing body forces him to take on somebody decent. It has happened everywhere in boxing as long as it has been allowed to happen.

Naseem Hamed in the UK fought a series of nobodies (Daniel Alicea, Billy Hardy, Juan Polo Perez) until he got too greedy and believed his own hype too much.

On the other side of this, the USA's pro boxing scene is at an all time low - take a look at the list of world champions and see just how few are American.

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You mentioned Koki and Daiki's fights but not mention Tomoki who also won his fight last night.

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LOL, why do you guys always ask the same question when the answer is so obvious ? They fight mostly in Japan because they can make more money, is it so hard to understand ? Japanese people in general have way more money than Mexican or Thai people. And unless you are Paquiao class boxer, people wouldn't be excited about non-Americans fighting against each other in Vegas. I hate the Kameda famiy as much as anyone else but there is nothing wrong with fighting in Japan, there are plenty of American boxers who fight only in America, Are they all fraud too ?

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Didn't see the fight, but for Daiki to have lost in Osaka one of two things must have happened. Either he got his ass kicked beyong question or the yakuza money never changed hands.

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MJM, your observations are correct and I concur. I have never seen Mr. KK outside Japan. I can say with the utmost confidence that he is Yak supported and I'm sure the environment in which he fights is tilted in his favor.

I would never say that he CAN'T fight cause he can. He would certainly knock me out with his skill level. However the fact that he is not willing to fight outside Japan makes him suspect.

Hide, do you like boxing? Lets talk about the G.O.A.T - Ali. Mohammad Ali took his fights all over the world. The Thriller in Manila, Africa and a number of other places. No home crowd. A straight up fight.

Hide - I'll be fair with you if you'll be fair with me. Do you really think this guy is legit? In the boxing world, his circle of friends is a relevant issue. I'm sorry but I think your society is corrupt and untrustworthy at the moment.

In one arena you have the Yokozuna Asashoryu who had an incident outside the ring. He's not Japanese. Sumo association BANS him. Later the ugly truth about Sumo comes out.

This guy Kameda was only reprimanded for a dirty fight? He didn't get banned? Mike Tyson fought dirty. He got banned real quick.

You really want to sit there at your PC and support this guy? In less than 6 months you might be eating your words.

Hide, I do respect how you defend your country. In this thread, I don't know if you are trying to defend Japan's honor or Kameda's honor. There are many good Japanese boxers out there who are legit. I just hope you aren't trying to defend this guy. Bad bet.

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He got his butt kick - he face was a mess after, eyes nearly swollen shut, bleeding from various cuts... The judges were also not Japanese. The same can't be said for his brothers' fights - or at least one of the fights was all Japanese judges.

Why two thumbs down for pointing out the youngest brother wasn't mention and that he won his fight?

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@NetNinja, no, I don't think this guy is legit. As i said in my post, I don't like the Kameda family at all. They are good at marketing, not boxing. And yes, I like boxing, but not a huge fan, just a casufal fan who watch only big name boxers. I prefer MMA over boxing. Are you comparing Muhammed Ali to Kameda ? Come on, they are not even remotely close LOL. I don't know how you thought I am defending Japan or Kameda in this thread.

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The youngest of the three brothers is by far the best boxer. He has spent much of his time training and fighting in Mexico. The oldest is decent, but I agree that he should fight in Vegas like Nishioka. The second oldest should just retire.

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Still only 22,he's been very impressive..time to forgive and forget.who hasn't done something stupid as a 17 year old..this is a different person who is on the road to being the best boxer this country has produced...he's picking his opponents can death ride him all you like but he's not going away.

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they wouldn`t be able to hold their own anywhere else.

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The two guys the Kameda brothers beat last night are what I refer to as "hamburger meat." Guys like that are tossed in the ring knowing that they will be beat up. They sure didn't look like top-class boxers as a few punches to the gut and sides took both of them out. The one who was a champion looked like a chump. I'm waiting for the day when the Kameda brothers will fight real top-class boxers. Then let's see how they fare ...

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@ the moderators: I think tmarie's point is that Tomoki Kameda fought as well as Kouki and Daiki. He beat Eduardo Garcia by knockout in the second televised fight of the night.

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'27 wins, including 17 KOs, against one defeat.'.....World Champion 3rd consecutive title defense..and we get comments like 'wont hold their own anywhere else '..big fish in little pond '...'champion looked like a chump'...all typical losing corner comments...dont have to like him,but he(Koki)is an excellent fighter,who is picking ,choosing and growing as a boxer..

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they wouldn`t be able to hold their own anywhere else. Wrong. They "hold their own" against others and Tomoki actually trains in Mexico - where he also learned Spanish. A little credit where it is due.

The 3 brothers are big fish in a little pond in Japan Perhaps you too could read the above. The US often has boxers that are... American when it comes to fights. There are a few odd foreigners but most are American born and bread. The same could be said for Thailand and Mulay Thai. They fight other Thais most of the time.

Love them or hate but you could as least give them the credit they deserve.

And yes, I agree. The youngest is the better boxer. Daiki really should chuck in the towel I think. He's my least fav out of the three.

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I´d like to see his dad fight someone in the ring. Maybe Mino Monta.

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To be the champ you have to beat the champ. So saying they wouldn't hold their own anywhere else is stupid. Besided, Japanese TV channels offer good money for the fights so you can't blame the fighters for trying to make a living, it's a tremendously difficult sport. Nobody would be interested in a main event with a Japanese boxer in the states. And nobody questions why top US boxers do not fight outside the US, it's weird ...

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