Anti-virus face shield lets karate fighters shout safely


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Sounds good. I practiced Karate about 20 years ago and would like to restart.

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face shields are non effective against COVID19.

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Simply replace “Kiaai!” with “MmmHmm.” Problem solved.

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Yeah, because once it hits the plastic shielding which often flies up as they tilt their heads to take drinks or what have you, no doubt the virus just disappears into oblivion... certainly must eliminate the airborne spray, and when people reach up and wipe their mouths, as I see sheild wearers do CONSTANTLY, I'm sure it is vaporized by touch.

Saw some old dude wearing one of these on the train platform this week and couldn't stop laughing as he tried to get his bottle of tea up inside the mask, kept sticking his tongue in the top of the bottle since he couldn't tilt his head back far enough, it spilling onto his clothes, then finally him just lifting the shield off his head. haha. Classic.

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LOL face shield while sumo wrestling getting the virus. Make up every excuse to get infection. What a joke

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Won't the face shield crack when punched or kicked?

This is Karate, after all.

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