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Kim Yu-na opens huge lead at Trophee Bompard; Asada has poor start


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poor Asada, after changing her coach to Tarasova last year something always goes wrong.

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I like Mao but Yuna seems unstoppable...

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Did Kim do her trademark pose at the end of her routine? Always a treat watching her routines.

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Kim Yu-na is the perfect expression of grace and style. I could watch her all day (and all night if it were necessary ...). A very special talent who we're very lucky to see perform. A bit like Sea the Stars in the horse racing world this year. Once in a lifetime performers.

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I like Kim Yu Na!!! No matter how much Japanese dislike Koreans,Kim Yu Na is simply awesome!!!It's not the rising sun,it's rising Kim Yu Na..I don't mean to be rude or anything but Japanese have a bad habit of putting down Koreans but Korean people are extremely resilient and they can withstand all sorts of pressure and hardships..Koreans are very strong-minded people..Although I am not pro-Japanese I ain't anti-Japan either..I am just neutral on Japan so don't get me wrong..

There was this Goldman Sachs Report that in 2050 reunited Korea's economy will match that of Japan's economy assuming japan won't sink under the sea..I do find Japan a bit weird because Japan was A-bombed by the U.S.Air Force and yet 70% of Japanese like the U.S.A. 65% of Japanese people say they have positive feelings about their relations with South Korea, a longtime rival of Japan..I don't want to pour cold water at a time when Korea-Japan relations seem to be improving but I hope Japan will stop hating Korea because Koreans are not responsible for Japan's negative attitudes to Korea..

Japan picked a fight with Korea and the Japanese should stop bothering innocent Koreans who never attacked Japan in the first place...I don't understand why Japan still hates Korea so much..If Kim Yu Na becomes world champion, does that have negative bearing on Japan's international status? Japan must accept the fact that Korea will become a growing power because Koreans work the longest hours in the world beating Japanese and Americans and even Chinese..And Koreans are deeply proud of their national heritage..

Japan must say sorry to Korea..Ask any sensible Japanese person in Tokyo subway Is Japan justified in killing Koreans who know nothing about Japan? Japan please be nice to Korea..Korea is a good country because we have never attacked foreign countries and Korean army fighting in Vietnam War was because the U.S.A. requested Koreans to dispatch troops to Vietnam..Koreans have zero desire to kill innocent Vietnam people..

When I meet international people in Korea, Japanese are very quiet I could barely notice Japanese presence in Korea while Chinese and South East Asians make a lot of noise so I know where they come from..I do think Japanese individuals are nicely mannered and polite and they have a nice smile on their faces..What irks me is that Japan is reluctant to face the past because if Japan doesn't do so then there is propensity for Japan to attack Korea again..I think the best way to move Korea-Japan relations forward is to have frank discussions and hopefully more dialogues will help promote better understanding between 2 Asian neighbours and overcome misunderstandings about each other..I like Japan because I have been to Tokyo in June 2007 and it's a nice city..

There is one good news about Japan and that is I saw on Korean cable channel YTN that Japan already dug the undersea tunnel 500 m but South Korea is doing nothing to help the Japanese by digging tunnel from their side..In a decade time Japanese people can travel by car or train to Korea,China,Russia and Europe too but it will be a long journey..Plus there is a luxury ferry operating among China,Korea and Japan..So the relations among 3 Asian brothers will start elevating their relations to a newer and higher level..

When I was in the U.S.A. I read a Harper magazine that said Asia had a tragic past because 3 Asians didn't get along well with each other..But now relations among the three are improving visibly..I heard in December Kim Yu Na will go to Tokyo for ice-skating competition and whoever wins the championships let's give her a big applause whether she is Korean or Japanese..

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