Kisenosato formally promoted to yokozuna


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Congratulations, this will certainly make things interesting. I like his style.

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The last three wrestlers promoted to yokozuna were Mongolian: Hakuho, Harumafuji and Kakuryu. Before them came Hawaiian Akebono and Samoan Musashimaru.

Didn't you miss Asashoryu?

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Not only the writer Jim Armstrong (a pseudonym?) skipped it, but TV reporting that I saw today on Kisenosato's promotion also omitted it. Appears to be 'fake news' or petty feuding to pretend that the JSA did not have Asashoryu as their only yokozuna from 2004 to 2007.

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Don't particularly care for the tense of the verb in that last sentence. Shouldn't it be "has gone on to" ? Yokozuna Hakuho is still an active wrestler for now !

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As Asashoryu was forced to retire due to his deplorable conduct, are his records now erased (a la Armstrong style)?

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@ebisen, if that is the case, then a sumo news article would be an excellent place to inform us plebes that the 68th yokozuna's records are null and void. Somehow, I don't think this Jim Armstrong character from AP is going to be the one to do the 'splaining.

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Thats amazing!! It shows that through hard work and commitment you can achieve anything! A great role model, who is motivated and ambitious yet modest and sincere in his success. Well done!

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Good for the sport and for Japan, but man... the amount old farts I know that are patting themSELVES on the back for this is astounding. And I know they are, because I met a couple this morning who couldn't stop smiling and asked rhetorically if I knew who was promoted.

Anyway, good on him.

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I personally don't think he deserves the title of Yokozuna for winning one championship. He is kinda a top tier but below the champions level of wrestlers. It wouldn't have happened if he weren't Japanese.

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A good sumo wrestler for sure BUT the JSA has made a MISTAKE on this one!

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Ibaraki might!

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As far as I can see the criteria for Yokozuna promotion has been changed to suit a situation. He is Champion once and in this last Basho he did not contest every night. One game being forfeited. He may be good but he is not great. I am sad that the rules were changed to allow this man to be Yokozuna, it is a little elitist.

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In the last bout between Kisenosato and Hakuho, Hakuho's performance was subpar. His initial move was like that of a sprinter - body leaning forward, knees and feet facing forward. This is a legitimate sumo tactic if you takeout your opponent with the initial thrust. If not, as the big strong Kisenosato did not fall, you must quickly adjust. Hakuho could have spread his knees futher apart, lowering his hips - feet pointing outward assuming a more defensive posture. But he continued thrusting towards the edge - his feet slipping from under him even before he falls. Gave me the impression that he was simply 'spinning his wheels' waiting for Kisenosato to simply slip to the right for the easy win. I had been looking forward to this bout - expecting something comparable to bouts between Takanohana and Akebono. Could be wrong or am I expecting too much?

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BTW comments about the rules: Anyone practicing a martial art knows already that there are more unwritten rules than written ones AND that the elderly and highest ranked always have the last word. He is good enough for being a yokozuna BECAUSE they decided that, two wins in a row or not. It is simply like this, you don't like it, you don't have to dance.

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