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Kobayashi aims for F1 return in 2014


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Anyone who says Kamui is crash-prone has not watched the season. There are many others on the grid who crashed far more often than he did.

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bicultural.......but how many times did he knock potential championchip hopes like Webber & Button out of the race????

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Kobayashi only retired from 4 out of 20 races. The first one in Malaysia was due to a brake problem, the second one was in Monaco when Grosjean crashed into him, the third was in Spain when Senna didn't realize Kamui was closing in and moved into his line. The last time was in Korea and the only time that Kobayashi crashed out in the first lap (when Button dubbed him "kobacrashi"). Grosjean, on the other hand, has retired from 7 out of 19 races (he was banned one race), often by crashing into people early in the race. That is not counting the number of times he has bumped into other cars but has been able to continue the race, such as when he hit Webber in Japan or punctured Di Resta's tire in Britain and ended his race. Saying there will be less crashes without Kamui is a bit unfair considering he finished within points for 9 out of 20 races, more often than his teammate Perez (7 of 20)

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Well Grosjean is still there, so first lap nutcase moments will still be on the menu.

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smith, now that's not fair!

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Maybe now there'll be less crashes with Kobayashi out of the race.

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With a falling yen his Euros will be worth more now.

Still think it's too early to give up yet. Miracles do happen, Kamui!

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Poor old Miracle Kamui. Will it be 'Come back Kamui' when (if) we see him again?

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2013 will be very poor without good old Kobacrashi :(

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