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Koji Murofushi wins men's hammer at the worlds


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Glad to see Murofushi still strong -- this guy has been amazing for a long time. I hope he goes gold at the Olympics.

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Koji is the man, he threw 81.24 twice! Awesome stuff. A Ph.d, Olympic gold, world gold. He's the man.

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All of his throws today were his season bests! Wow. That was exciting. Thanx Murofushi-San!

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Impressive performance and more to come in the olympics I'd say he isn't finished yet - Congrats

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36 years old and still going strong. I really hope he can make it to the 2020 Olympics. That would be cool.

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Great effort - and I wouldn't bet against him in London! Good to see an "old fella" still doing the business!

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I really hope he can make it to the 2020 Olympics. That would be cool.

That's a pretty big ask for a 45 year old! Unless he starts "juicin'" up...

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Koji showed by far the best performance tonight. He looked very relaxed and in top shape. He is the pride of Japan and deserves an award just like the soccer girls. I really wish him the best and a gold medal at the next Olympics.

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I like him even more because he's a "hafu", and he succeeded because of his hard work and talent, not "tarento"

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this man even has his doctorate in physical education! He's a machine

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Gorgeous and extremely talented! Yummy.. (^_^)

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Koji Murofushi comes from a hammer throwing family. His father, a former Olympian held the Japanese record for 23 years until he broke it. His sister throws the hammer, discuss and his mother was a javelin thrower. He probably has some natural ability and maybe it's in his genetics. But most likely it's because he simply trains his body and mind longer, more precisely, more deliberately and harder than everyone else. I hope he gets a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic. "Ganbare Koji-san !! "

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I was so happy that he won the gold medal. His tenacity, patience, perseverance was rewarded. And he looks like my image of Spartacus!

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