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Ukraine calls International Olympic Committee 'promoter of war'


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yet another demand, seems never ending.

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yet another demand, seems never ending.

Maybe no one told you, they're currently fighting a war...

I know they don't like to talk about reality much in your far-right extremist deep-state fake-news MSM bubble, so consider this a public service announcement.

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They can join, but their country’s name should not appear in anything - not ever Russian Olympic Committee. Call it something else. We don’t want Putin taking any glory.

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Maybe no one told you, they're currently fighting a war...

are they? they sure have plenty of time to stick their nose in who they demand can or can play sports.

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Ukraine's Sports Minister Vadym Goutzeit has warned his country could boycott the summer Olympics next year

Considering Ukraine’s total medal count in Tokyo was 19, I’m going out on a limb here by predicting their non-participation in Paris wouldn’t be that noticeable.

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Maybe they should boycott US aid , majority of American do not care, even Biden said no to F16

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I agree with banning the Russians from all international sporting events - they created this war by invading the Ukraine - completely unprovoked - they should likewise be kicked off the UNSC - likewise I think Turkey should be booted from NATO.

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Allowing russians to participate in games while russian bombs and rockets are killing innocent citizens isnt that a bit of disgusting?

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