Kyrgios faces court over assault allegation: Australian paper


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Tsisipas whacked the ball into the crowd and aimed a few body shots at Kygrios, and silence. If that had been Kyg he'd have been banned from playing for a couple of years.

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Whether Kyrgios is guilty of the alleged offences or not - time will tell - but what is of interest is the timing of the announcement.

Why now? This week, This day on the eve of a challenge for a semi-final berth at Wimbledon?

Why not pre-tournament or even more so why not closer to the time of the alleged offence?

Kyrgios is certainly a polarizing character with many "enemies".

Love him or hate him, we'd hope the story is not being used to punish him putting him off his game.

You know - a kind of "We'll teach you!".

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Bowny, you beat me to it, I was thinking exactly the same. Kyrgios did not play too much tennis this season, but he is having now the best performance of this career, and suddenly a 6 months old accusation goes to court. He is not the most mentally stable player (to put it mildly), so it is a good possibility this will ruin his focus and his chances at Wimbledon, which is a pity for tennis, regardless of how one thinks of Kyrgios as a person

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Tsisipas whacked the ball into the crowd and aimed a few body shots at Kygrios, and silence. If that had been Kyg he'd have been banned from playing for a couple of years.

Couple of years? More like he'd have copped another tiny, pocket-money sized fine that he laughs at. The ATP is soft and toothless on poor behaviour. Imagine the punishment in a sport like rugby if a player constantly directly abused and insulted the match officials. Like Kyrgios does.

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Shame. Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy...

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@ Lamilly

How are your comments relevant to the story?

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I think this sledge Kyrgios has been prepared for. But to fire off a ball in temper into the crowd and it goes unanswered, it seem very obvious the the Elites of this tennis club don’t want the name Kyrgios on there cup.

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Why now?

i’m not quite sure what you’re re trying to say here. A move to put Kyrgios off his game by authorities or individuals in Australia? Kyrgios sure is polarising, but insinuating that Australians might try and spoil the chances of an Australian player winning Wimbledon is utter fantasy. Especially with a “We’ll teach you” message.

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He is a (insert politically correct word for mentally handicapped) who should have been arrested and banned for life after this incident back in 2019. No regards whatsoever for what happens, for example what if his racket hits and kills a baby? No respect whatsoever for his afterwards - the belongs in an institution, not in the streets or in a tennis court:

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BigYen, I think what he is alluding to is the timing of the accusations, not some conspiracy of the tennis association. His former model girlfriend, with whom he had a roller coaster relationship, decided to press charges against him, saying that he "grabbed me in December 2021"; the alleged incident happened more than half a year ago, and Kyrgios is now in the middle of arguably the most important tournament of his career. Where is present girlfriend is also attending...

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timeon - thank you for explaining what I thought was clear.

WE don't know the facts in this case, but using the tactics of shouting "J'accuse" publicly to knock someone off their perch is quite common - witness politics. Often the stain never goes away.

As timeon mentioned, a spurned ex partner has to watch Kyrgios and his new girlfriend bathing in the limelight - albeit with a manic air at times - heading for his biggest chance at success.

Twitch his mind with criminal allegations - gotcha punk - on the eve of it all, is not beyond belief.

Otherwise - why this exact moment in time?

I'm all ears to other explanations.

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He’ll come back with money in the bank.

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