Kyrgios fined $113,000 for Cincinnati meltdown, faces suspension


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Given Kyrgios is 24 this year, if he does not grow up mentally, he might end his career without winning a grand slam. While John McEnroe intentionally used argument with the chair umpire as a strategy to buy time and disrupted his opponent's momentum, Kyrgios' bad behaviour often troubles himself and his match.

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He might be "finished" this time

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I thought Nastase was bad but Kyrgios is a world apart! This guy is a jackass. Look at all the things he's done, including deliberately trying to injure an opponent. He should be suspended for a minimum of 6 months so he can "reflect" on his stupidity and also be forced to undergo anger management treatment prior to his return.

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I love Kyrgios and often defend him, but I have to admit that it's gotten to be a bit much this year. Time after time after time - it's too much, too often. Even if he cuts it back by just 50%, he'll be fine.

Mocheake: including deliberately trying to injure an opponent

Oh, please. What a dramatization. Kyrgios was behind the baseline when he hit that shot at Rafa, and Nadal was just across the service line - even if he did hit Rafa with the ball, that's not going to injure him. Would certainly sting for a moment, though! People hit body shots against net players all the time. The issue is that it's "not nice," not that it was going to crack any ribs. If they were both at the net 2 feet apart, then "trying to injure" would be in the conversation.

Also, if Nadal was unable to get his racket on a body shot from that distance, then we could safely say his reflexes are going downhill in his graying years.

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Between Kyrgios and Bernie Tomic, Australian men's tennis has nothing to be proud of at the moment.

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