Lady Gaga lights up Super Bowl


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Once again, The Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime antics, including the high-wire act, lol

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She opened with “This Land is Your Land,”

Didn't she open with "God Bless America."

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There were some kind of protests but they vanished hours before Ga G's entertained on TV screen.

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Not a fan of hers, but the show was very entertaining.

Appreciated her subdued political statements too.

Still not a fan and won't be buying any music from her, but perhaps the best SB halftime show I've ever seen, from a purely entertainment standpoint.

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Celebrating diversity and unity, two qualities the current Toddler-in-Chief KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ! ! !

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Great show! Impressed with the way she came down from the sky (roof). The above article describes what happened ... with the only thing missing being the actual singing. In her opening pledge of allegiance, she clearly stated "one nation under God" ... a good start to her singing performance.

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