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Lakers acquire Rui Hachimura from Wizards


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So excited about this as a Lakers fan. When Nunn signed, we thought he was a steal at the MLE level but he was out last season and hardly plays this season. We have enough guards as it is.

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Go go Rui-chan! Great to see a Japanese youngster putting Japan on the basketball map. The Lakers would be one of the top supported teams in the NBA!

Hopefully Rui paves the way for many more young Japanese kids to make their way in the NBA - and helps build Japan as a top International team.

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It's a nice trade for Hachimura as he gets back to the west coast, but as long as LeBron and AD are playing, it seems a sideways move. Lakers are defensively deficient over offensively poor.

Hachimura isn't a great defensive player and what he brings offensively is some talent, but a rather light game, in comparison, to, say an Aaron Gordon who has about the same body type. Rui is good, but he lacks anger and it doesn't seem he has the competitive fire to be a great influence in LA.

It feels like a desperate move by the Lakers, and it may buy them a few more wins, or not with quite possibly worse defense than even before.

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Fightoo,the Lakers are not gonna go anywhere,in the near future,not like the Lakers with Magic or Kareem and the Showtime legacy

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Fightoo,the Lakers are the highest branded team with all it drama

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Nice! Unlike a lot Japanese people, I am rooting for Rui. The Japanese media is bending over backwards hoping Yuta Watanabe surpass Rui. You can see it in their commentary when showing both players in the same segment. I hope Rui wins an NBA championship. When he does then watch how the Japanese media start to claim him as their favorite son of Japan. The hypocrisy in Japan sometimes is crazy!

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Lakers Cowboys drama my teams,even Lebron drama with Jerry Jones

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