Leicester, Leeds relegated from Premier League as Everton survive


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Everton, my bros' team survived by a single goal. Hope they play better next season. Southampton played a good game against Liverpool 4-4. Hope they, Liverpool play better next season. We don't want any repeats of this one.

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Leicester, Saints and Leeds, three big clubs all down to the Championship, what fate beholds them now. Well, it’s not so easy to always go straight up is it. Wonder how many of their top players will leave and the Championship is very competitive now these days you see.

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Everton have no place playing in the Premier League.

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Sad about Leicester. Many developed a soft spot for them after their giant-slaying title win in 2016. But the petro-club has since reasserted itself and the EPL seems to be morphing into the Bundesliga with only one winner.

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Big up to the Toffees in avoiding relegation - I always thought and hoped they were too big to go down.

Everton have no place playing in the Premier League.

Harsh. Having Everton and Liverpool in the EPL - and their derbies - is a good thing. Just my opinion though.

Commiserations to Leeds - big Sam Allardyces rescue mission was just too late. And Leicester - the most expensive team to ever be relegated. Really disappointed for them after their Cinderella Story of just a few seasons ago.

Liverpool need a massive clean out to compete for the league next year.

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Just relieved my club didn't end up below Newcastle on the table, even after CL was guaranteed. Whew.

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Happy for Jimizo that the Blue Scouse stayed up.

My mate back in England’s a big Leeds fan, though, so it’s not all great.

Wish it had been Bournemouth instead, or Chelsea….

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Happy for Jimizo that the Blue Scouse stayed up

Cheers, mate.

Needed some quality and we managed one bit of it in 90 minutes. Hell of a strike.

Everton have no place playing in the Premier League

In what we call a ‘league’ system you deserve your place by getting promoted to it or not losing your place in it. I don’t know how it works where you are from.

There were 3 sides even crapper than we were. They deserved to go down.

Could be our turn next season unless there are serious changes.

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Interesting season. At the bottom, I think its a story of goalkeepers, the team with the one who performed all season, Everton with Pickford, staying. Leicester's was hopeless, including for Wales at the World Cup, Meslier was poor for Leeds, and the young kid Southampton played was nowhere near ready for the PL. The three relegated clubs were the bottom three in the "save percentage" stat and in the bottom four for goal conceded exceeding "expected goals against", a stat based on positions of actual shots taken.

Leicester have seemingly stopped buying players, but even so had a squad that should not have been at risk of relegation. They have seriously underperformed. A few freaky results at the end there too, Forest beating Arsenal and Everton thrashing Brighton away. That latter result saved Everton.

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Well, wonder how things will be in a years time, it’s incredibly exciting isn’t it?

Seems very queer to have Luton back, wonder how they will do

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Wishing the Saints, the Foxes, and the Whites quick return journeys to the PL. All the best.

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Happy for Jimizo that the Blue Scouse stayed up.

Tough luck on the Cov eh, almost but not quite. Best of luck for next season. Hope Luton don't bring their plastic pitch back with them

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Everton have been in the top division since 1950-51.

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I think Everton also secured a loan to finish building their new stadium.

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To be honest we’ve ridden our luck a bit much recently… Coming up from League 2 after finishing sixth, and “winning” League 1 after the season was abandoned because of Covid.

We were due a setback!

Good luck to Luton, though….

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and “winning” League 1 after the season was abandoned because of Covid.

I'd forgotten about that! Still, great achievement. Mark Robins has done an astonishing job.

Everton have been in the top division since 1950-51.

I bet you were knocking around town back then eh!

Barnsley V Sheff Weds in a couple of hours.

By the way, does anyone know why Sheffield Wednesday are called Sheffield Wednesday?

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 bet you were knocking around town back then eh!

in my pram but even then my rattle was red.

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Sheffield Wednesday players at their workplaces had a half day off on Wednesdays when they could play their matches.

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From champs to chumps in less than a decade

That's why the PL can be the most intriguing league

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Sheffield Wednesday players… had a half day off on Wednesdays….

Yep. And they were a cricket team for years before they got into football.

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