Leicester: The team that feared relegation now tops Premier League


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Leicester are the best thing to happen to the Premiership for years. Entertaining and attacking home and away.

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Oh, Leicester. As a Coventry fan I'm required by football law to despise you, but you're enticing this year.... the icing on the scorpion.

At least Villa are going down.... ; )

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Gloating over the misfortune of others isn't in keeping with the season of goodwill.

That said, Chelsea's meltdown and Man U's latest role as the most boring side on the planet is quite funny.

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Ah, but Jim, it's Villa. I imagine you' d be equally delighted to see Liverpool go down..... ; )

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It is great to see Leicester doing so well and as a Palace fan, us too. I thought something like this might happen a year or two ago and it is a good thing for football. reminds me a bit of before the premier league when an outsider and unfancied team could do what Leicester have done. The big money boys have had total domination for too long.

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I am glad and surprised that Leicester is leading the table. They are an amazing soccer team, and for them to win the whole league this season would be the most unexpected season I have ever heard.

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