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Lewis Hamilton, Serena Williams part of bid to buy Chelsea


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Wouldn’t millions of fans owning a football club also be a consortium?

besides the club is seized from Roman - he has no decision in the matter.

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If Williams and Hamilton are investing then I suggest this could be to leverage a form of debt or equity tax relief provision. the stand alone business model is unsustainable.

Football Club Debt List 2022.


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Chelsea 2021 accounts reveal a £1.25 billion debt provision

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Mr Abramovich had no part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and so should not be penalized regarding his ownership of the football club...

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Williams and Hamilton are part of a consortium that features proposed investment from Josh Harris and David Blitzer, the owners of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers who would have to sell their stakes in Premier League club Crystal Palace to buy Chelsea.

Interesting that many UK soccer teams are owned in part or otherwise by Americans.

Maybe because of the UK Prime Minister's American roots?

Major League Baseball teams are owned basically exclusively by US citizens.

Except for Canada's team Toronto Blue Jays. Which is owned by a Canadian.

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Another bid has seen Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca partner with Larry Tanenbaum, who has ownership stakes in Toronto with the NBA’s Raptors, the NHL’s Maple Leafs and the city’s MLS team. Peter Guber, a part-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is also backing in the group.

Another part-owner of the Dodgers, Todd Boehly, is leading another consortium hoping to be announced as the preferred bidder.

A New York-based merchant bank, the Raine Group,

These are all US investors.

The American born UK prime minister must be trying to draw more potential US owners to the UK because of the success they have running major sports teams in the US.

Also, there is barely any of the fan violence in the US leagues that you see in the UK.

That is a positive change.

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Blood money…

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