Li Na thumps Sharapova to advance to Australian Open final


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Iiii na?

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She just put an ole fashioned butt whoopin' on Maria! Li Na vs. Vika in the final. Love 'em both, but might have to go with Li Na !

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By the time the women's final is over, Li Na will be deaf in the other ear too.

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I'm not much of Li Na fan but it'll be better than to have to listen to Sharpova's extremely annoying grunts.

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She won the game thanks to the unbearable heat of Aust Summer. She is weaker technically. However She has withstood the heat of the driest continent on the earth. Strong survive.

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Li Na beat Sharpova at her own overpowering her opponent. Her game plan of hitting deep and wide to Sharapova's backhand worked beautifully. Exposed her one and only weakness.

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What the hell was the deal with Azarenka taking that 10-minute 'medical time-out' in her match against Stephens? That was just wrong. Those time-outs are for physical injuries, not for when a player loses her 'game' or mental composure. Without that break I'm positive Stephens had a damn good shot at pushing the match into a third set to her advantage like she did with Williams the previous day. IMO it was not something the first seed defending champion should have done and was tantamount to cheating. She should have stayed out on the court and played out the match regardless of what was happening in her head. That's part of the game/sport.

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I'm going to miss Maria's shrieks.

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