Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods say they're dating


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Do "Power Couples" ever end well? And with Tiger's chequered past you have to say this is a leap of faith on her part.

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But we will have to wait and see if she goes after the SUV with a ski, pole, or boot, or just the tried and true route with one of his golf clubs.

@Wakarimasen "leap of faith" was funny, even though Vonn is not a ski jumper.

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Tiger is a licky man. Let's hope he can realize that and keep little junior in his pants this time.

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I meant "lucky"....but either word would work.

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Another blonde?!

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@Wakarimasen: Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Probably the best example.

He' d better not mess around on the lovely Miss Vonn. She can probably kick his ass.

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She can probably kick his ass.

Notat the moment - she blew her knee out horrendously landing badly during a Super-G race last month, Youtube it if you dare.

Interesting couple to say the least, hopefully this will put the lead back in Tigers pencil and he starts translating that into great form on the course again.

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flammenwerfer, she can probably do on one leg what most men do on two.

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