Liverpool's FA Cup title defense over


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I watched Blades 'Wrexham match because my best chum is from 'Sheffield and we chatted during the match.

it was double plus fun and I thought a walkover after first goal,but turned into a splendid encounter, what yhe cup is all about.

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It was 'a lot' of fun. Not double plus

Away with this silliness, Steve:)

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Mitoma should get the headline, in Japan at least. Great goal! Liverpool should have had two red cards, a last man dogso foul and a studs up lunge into the achilles that sent the victim off injured. Terrible refereeing.

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I agree. Liverpool should have finished with 9 men on the pitch. The refereeing decisions were absolutely diabolical.

Brighton have been selling players at a (huge) profit whilst maintaining their position, but if that becomes an addiction it will end badly. I hope they keep Mitoma, who has been brilliant, and build their squad with the cash they will have from other sales, but I can see him being sold for £40m+. They paid £2.3m for him. They may have the best scouts in football.

Wrexham/Sheffield United was an outstanding cup tie. I hadn't heard of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney before they bought the club. Wrexham had the better of the game and were unlucky not to win. You wouldn't have known that one team was something like 70 places below the other in the league. Cracking game.

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GBR48Today  11:10 am JST

Brighton actually want to hang on to the best players but if teams like Chelsea come in trying to lure them away and the player wants to go, they will have to pay big.

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Brighton either can't or won't compete on wages though, the club is trying to be run in a financially sustainable way, by a supporter, after the nightmare of the 90s.

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Liverpool are where they belong- middle of the table. Salah is too busy counting his obscene weekly payment to worry about scoring goals.

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