Liverpool close in on title; Everton sink United


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Looking good for Liverpool. Sterling has been excellent in the last few games and must be in in the World Cup squad. Arsenal looking good again and Everton's win was pretty easy. No Man U player emerged with real credit but I have to say Kagawa's performance was one of the worst I've seen from any player all season. His work rate was close to zero and the incident were Coleman basically jogged around him was shocking.

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Absolutely no argument from me on your analysis of United. Kagawa's sluggishness was shocking and uncharacteristic. I wasn't happy with even a single United player's performance last night, even Rooney. I hope that after allowing the Toffees to beat us twice in a season for the first time in 44 years, Moyes will continue to break other records at United, particularly the one for shortest-serving manager...

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Good for the Scousers. nice to see a fresh champion - if they make it. Moyes is a joke and what he has done to United is a tragedy. He should be sacked at the end of this season - give the job to someone who knows what thyey are doing or to someone completely new to all this. Cantona? Beckham?

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OMG!! How totally awesome the soccer was in England at the weekend. I watched some of the soccer while drinking Buds and eating potato chips with my buddies. Reds United lost to Liverpool Blues dang it! Next season i will support Liverpool Reds i guess, lol!

At least Moyes will achieve his ambition this soccer season to see Liverpool Blues finish above my beloved Reds United.

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@USN On the subject of Everton doing the double over Man U, it's worth reminding Man U fans that before Ferguson's tenure, Everton had been champions of England more times than Man U. With Fergie gone, we could just be returning to the natural way of things in the league ; )

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Liverpool are the breath of fresh air the Premier League has needed for years. Good football, English players, where did that come from? City and Chelsea have been pathetic in their attempts to keep up with them though.

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@USNinJapan2 "Grow up" says the glory hunter. Seems liek i've hit a raw nerve yet again and quite rightly so,

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When you are a genuine supporter you don't need to try to show expert knowledge of tactics and other teams. I am confident enough to support an unfashionable team for almost 40 years with years of ups and downs, almost bankrupt. being the butt of jokes and being laughed at. However i have the last laugh as i have actually watched my team from the terraces over 600 times, home and away.

We have just won five on the trot and have a better record in 2014 than Man Utd. My support does not change whether winning or losing. I enjoy beong able to watch my team every week as they are in the top flight but i still don't like it with the big money owners and glory hunter fans. However things may be changing this season as money ain't buying as much glory as before.

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falseflagsteve ah Crystal Palace, a place that big money clubs and their owners go to shop and pick up some bargains.

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'ah Crystal Palace, a place that big money clubs and their owners go to shop and pick up some bargains.'

To be fair, that's almost every club.

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Well that result just about sinks Moyes,ironic that it should be Everton. The search for the new manager has started already.

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No i only ridicule you and only for being a fanboy. It is from previous posts of yours that i do so.

@ Liam Roberts You seem to think that is a good thing. Hopefully as far as Crystal Palace go those days are over. Nice 12 million we got for Zaha from Manure though, ROFL!

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It appears that the announcement on Mr Moyes departure will be made tomorrow according to the press over here.More telling is the bookies pulling his price to be replaced in to 1/10.

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Crystal Palace? You glory hunter! If you want to boast about keeping it real it should be Croydon FC.

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Moyes is gone, sunk by Everton, no less. But I'm reserving my schadenfreude for Mourinho, a.k.a. "The Grumpy One", when Liverpool, who surely have the coolest manager in the PL, win the league.

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"give the job to someone who knows what they are doing or to someone completely new to all this. Cantona?Beckham?" Great idea. Give the job to someone with zero managerial experience, the only reason for it being they used to be good players for United. Anyway last I heard Cantona was an actor and Becks was showing his committment to the future of English football by spending his hard-earned millions trying to start an MLS franchise.

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