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Liverpool fight back to beat Leicester as Spurs, Chelsea reach League Cup semis


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Liverpool win again. As predictable as the sun rising every morning! Seems like Minamino was brilliant. Surprising Klopp almost never plays him in PL games.

Treble coming up.

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After Spurs v Liverpool at the weekend, Liverpool v Leicester was another really excellent game.

Minamino scored a superb last ditch equaliser but then fluffed his penalty. He needs more game time, but the Liverpool 1st team is not an easy one to break into. He got more playing time at Southampton last season. He's 26. He's not a kid. He needs to be playing regular 1st team football.

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I would love Minamino to be a regular team player but there is no way he can better Salah, Mane, Jota, 

Yes, he’s decent but not top 4 side quality and not on the same planet as the players you mentioned. As mentioned earlier, he’s not a kid and should be at club where he can get more game time. I’m still not convinced he’s suited to English football.

Surprising Klopp almost never plays him in PL games

I’ve never heard from a Liverpool supporter who is in the least bit surprised at this.

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but Salah and Mane will be away next month playing for their countries

I doubt the African Cup of nations is going ahead now due to the virus resurgence? Minamino may have to bide his time longer.

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What a great game. Never write us off at home, especially when the crowd gets going like that.

But I think he will be sold for his sake.

I'd prefer that we got a few million for him, but if it's a particularly rare bottle then it might be worth trading for!

Joking aside, I don't think he has the mentality to become a regular in a Klopp team. He certainly has his moments and the right skill set, but he seems to prefer being the big fish in a small pond - like at Salzburg - rather than a small fish in a big pond - like at LFC.

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Personally very happy for Minamino. He is a great lad and can't deny his contribution in leveling the score. He was vital in key moments during the match. But like you guys said, it is not easy to break into the first 11. You could see he is not strong physically, even though he has already become stronger than before, but still not enough. He fell easily and usually couldn't hold off opponents. But his strength is in the right place at the right time. I really hope it works out for him in Liverpool. YNWA!!!

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The Foxes, the Bees, and the Hammers, made it tough for their distinguished rivals. All the best to the Reds, the Blues, the Gunners, and Spurs in the semis.

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