Spurs snatch point at Man City after Liverpool drama


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Good comeback by the Scousers, they still have it eh!

Watched Palace match against West Ham, well I was expecting another loss after the last few games which were incredibly bad. I’d had a good day had made a lamb biryani, Dal with chapati for my partner and son whilst they watched Gundam.

I thought my lovely evening world be spoiled by another loss but it wasn’t to be, mind you it wasn’t good enough and both sides were poor to be honest.

Roll on the midweek matches, home to Bournemouth before some tough matches, a win is vital but will it happen with all the current injuries? Les see eh.

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Great match, Liverpool vs Fulham. A good one for the neutrals. Several times I thought it was over. Great goals from Mac and Endo, both scored their first club goals. In the end, Trent settled it with another great good. Man City drew so we moved into second place.

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Some cracking games and goals there .

Liverpool banging in world class goals and defending like an alehouse team. Great stuff to watch.

City a bit shaky this season. Looks interesting.

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There were some good games today and some excellent goals.

Spurs have a champions league attack, but a championship defence. It's been that way for years. Defence is as important as attack. Think back to the value of Bruce and Pallister, Dixon, Keown and Adams. For all the young class Brighton have, they are also losing so many points by being soft at the back.

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