Liverpool opens up 11-point lead over Man City


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I'd love them to win it but it's funny how relatively poor Liverpool have been this season yet only dropped 2 points. They've had plenty of risky 2-1 results against smaller teams but have played really well against the bigger teams.

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You should be alright zichi. A-A and Lovren have been the regulars this season and there aren't really many hard fixtures left for you this season. Would be good if Salah started doing something again though. He must have plenty of energy reserves left!

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I thought the Liverpool game was going to be difficult with the absence of the injured Fabinho who has been playing brilliantly in the midfield defense who now joins Matip and Clyne and all will be out until 2020. Clyne and Matip probably longer than Fabinho.

But Oxlade/Hendo/Wijnaldum played well in the midfield. The normal front three were well underpar but Van Dijk made up for their goal drought with two brilliant goals.

Brighton gave us a game. Just when it was looking done and dusted the goalkeeper does an unbelievable mistake and is now red carded. Out for the next three league games. Stupid man.

Brighton scored on the quick hop from the foul although I'm not sure the ref had even blown his whistle.

We survived to learn and reform for our next big game against our local team Everton.

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We survived to learn and reform for our next big game against our local team Everton.

I’m honestly dreading it. We are abysmal.

Liverpool are doing what title-winners do - not playing to their full potential but still racking up the wins. City are still capable of putting a run together but this Liverpool side looks tough as well as talented.

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out of compassion for my next brother in New York, a life long Everton fan, I hadn't even discussed it with him this season because it's just too painful for him. Great start to the season and then flop flop. But anyway, the derby game is completely separate from any other and we both know that anything could happen. My brother said Everton are too good to go down but you have to start to wonder if they don't pull their socks up.

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But anyway, the derby game is completely separate from any other and we both know that anything could happen

I think I’m right in saying Everton haven’t won at Anfield this century. My last good memory of the Anfield derby was Jagielka’s injury-time rocket equalizer.

If Everton get beaten badly at Leicester today, which is very possible, Silva may not be in charge for the derby.

Everton are bad enough to go down. Losing at home to Burnley, Norwich, Sheffield United and Bournemouth is relegation form and our best player, Gomes, is probably out for the rest of the season. This is bad.

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Everton need some crisis management before its too late.

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Energetic Liverpool FC gaffer Herr Jurgen Klopp is bringing out the best from his boys. Skipper Virgil van Dijk with his accurate and constructive nodding, is a tower of strength in defense, midfield, and in the rival danger zone.

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Jorden Henderson is the Liverpool captain. James Milner vice captain. But I think one day Van Dijk will be a great captain.

The Back four have been scoring more goals than the front three.

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The Derby could be very interesting. Everton could get thrashed or pull off a surprise win, depending which Everton turns up. When you look at the players in their squad they should be playing so much better. Marco Silva seems like a lovely man but has built a career off a good 5 months in Hull.

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So actually the goalkeeper Alisson will only be redcarded for a single game against Everton on Wednesday.

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