Liverpool still chasing Man City like 'mad' in title race


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It was like playing against 12 men with that corrupt rolly polly mess, Moss as the referee. Scandalous performance.

Still, Liverpool are an excellent team.

Thought a draw would have been a fair result.

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gulf in class between the sides.

On last night's showing, I'm not sure this is correct. Sycophantic reporting.

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Think the title will hinge more on City's game with Wolves than their Aston Villa game tbh.

Might get up bright and early for it.

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Liverpool has lost the mental edge.

It was a good run while it lasted though.

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But Liverpool held on and will hope Gerrard can finally come to their rescue in a title race.

As much as I want the mighty Reds to win the Quad, it is only the most optimistic fans who think the Villans can upset the Citizens at Etihad. Sadly the race is now out of Liverpool's hands.

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As much as I want the mighty Reds to win the Quad

Just get Jon Moss to referee all games remaining. It'll definitely help!

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It's a neck to neck race for the top spot. Fans love it. Liverpool and Manchester City footballers are leaving nothing to chance. All the best ahead.

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