Liverpool rout leaves Solskjaer at 'rock bottom' at United


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The game was watched on Sky by 5.5 million viewers.

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Third game this season Liverpool scored 5.

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Bittersweet victory, great win on Sunday but I hope United don’t sack Ole we need to keep him at the wheel.

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Man City

It's going to be a great title race this year!!

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It was a face like a smacked arse.

The camera then immediately switched to Sir Kenny, who had a grin like the European Cup. Great moment.

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The look on Sir Alex’s face was priceless

It was a face like a smacked arse.

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Putting the U back in useless.

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putting the U back in luser.

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Time to introduce club fines for the dangerous type of tackle Pogba made on Keita and made to pay their wages while recovering from injury.

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The look on Sir Alex’s face was priceless

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Attackers who can't (won't) defend and defenders who have no idea. How Maguire gets a game, let alone play for England is a mystery to rival the pyramids. Pogba is an embarrassment and is more concerned with his hairstyle than actually obtaining the football. Might as well sit him in the stand. David de Gea needs binoculars to see his defender mates. Can't imagine why these players get paid mega $'s. I think they need Roy Keane to show them what grunt looks like.

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Paul Scholes called it on Tuesday night after the Soccerdevils came from behind to beat Atalanta in Big Cup.

Solksjaer's just a cheerleader, a heritage appointment, but I thought Michael Carrick had more sense. United seemingly have no plan at all. It's hard to see how he can stay in the job now.

Steve Bruce caretaker manager, come on down!

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When Salah gets near the goal he comes like a ballet dancer so skilful at turning and bobbing and weaving defenders fall to the ground. A master of his art and might be the best in the world at this moment.

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Salah has reached a point where he’s so good and in such good form, defenders are now so terrified of him it makes his job easier. The Man U defence were filling their shorts every time he got the ball.

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what a birthday present

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Manchester United 0 Liverpool 5. Man U are an utter disgrace. Pogba red-carded for his nasty trackle on Keita stretched off. After Ronaldo the has been should have had one too for this aggressiv cry baby attck on Jones on the ground. Thousands of Man U booed and left the stadium early.

Liverpool were brillant and deserved all of the win.

Liverpool's best game of the season. Man U's their worse.

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Good to see someone else’s team humiliated this weekend.

Solskjaer totally out of his depth. He’s proving the armchair fans who say ‘I could win the league as manager if you have me that kind of money to spend’ wrong.

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Worth staying up late for that, an absolute thrashing for the ages. Gonna be a great Monday.

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