London calling for tired Nishikori


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He's doing really well. Glad to see a young, strong Japanese male tennis star near/at the top.

I recommend he relax and get massages for the next 8 days before the London matches.

His physical strength, timing, and game are all really strong and at its peak.

He just needs to rest his body and come out swinging for the final chapter of the year.

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unfortunately the type of injuries he has doesnt go away with a few massages, they take a lot of management and rest, on the pro tour there isnt much room for rest which just ads to the problem. im guessing his injuries will hinder his performances in the yrs to come.

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He jumps up and down a lot, needlessly, it seems. When he hits ground strokes, he often seems to leap in the air. It looks impressive. But when I first saw this a couple of years, I wondered if it was a good idea, suspecting the superfluous movement would tire him out too quickly. Looks like I was right.

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Hang in there, Kei-san ! Ganbarre !

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What Novak said was right on.

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Chang has corrected his unneccesary jumping movement, and only on occasion will he do the Air Kei that he is famous for. He is very thin and think building more muscle will help him and with age, he will naturally get stronger. I am confident he will take a grand slam in 2015.

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Good luck, Kei, but don't overdo things or risk injury. The Major prize is coming up in Melbourne in January.

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